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Item (League of Legends)Item (League of Legends)
Item (Teamfight Tactics)Item (Teamfight Tactics)
Item (Wild Rift)Item (Wild Rift)

An item is an artifact or object from Runeterran history and are featured in-game as enhancements for champions.

While directly inspired from items used for League of Legends icon.png League of Legends, the Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift items have their own stats, effects, and unique artwork.


Basic items
  • Amplifying Tome item.png
  • Brawler's Gloves item.png
  • Cloth Armor item.png
  • Dagger item.png
  • Long Sword item.png
  • Null-Magic Mantle item.png
  • Ruby Crystal item.png
  • Sapphire Crystal item.png
  • Sheen item.png
Mid tier items
  • Aether Wisp item.png
  • B. F. Sword item.png
  • Bami's Cinder item.png
  • Blasting Wand item.png
  • Bramble Vest item.png
  • Catalyst of Aeons item.png
  • Caulfield's Warhammer item.png
  • Chain Vest item.png
  • Cloak of Agility item.png
  • Executioner's Calling item.png
  • Fiendish Codex item.png
  • Giant's Belt item.png
  • Glacial Buckler item.png
  • Haunting Guise WR item.png
  • Hexdrinker item.png
  • Hextech Revolver item.png
  • Jaurim's Fist WR item.png
  • Kindlegem item.png
  • Kircheis Shard item.png
  • Last Whisper item.png
  • Lost Chapter item.png
  • Needlessly Large Rod item old2.png
  • Negatron Cloak item.png
  • Oblivion Orb item.png
  • Phage item.png
  • Prophet's Pendant WR item.png
  • Recurve Bow item.png
  • Seeker's Armguard item.png
  • Serrated Dirk item.png
  • Spectre's Cowl item.png
  • Stinger WR item.png
  • Tear of the Goddess item.png
  • Vampiric Scepter item.png
  • Void Amethyst WR item.png
  • Warden's Mail item.png
  • Winged Moonplate item.png
  • Zeal item.png
Upgraded items
  • Abyssal Mask item.png
  • Archangel's Staff item.png
  • Ardent Censer item.png
  • Athene's Unholy Grail item.png
  • Awakened Soulstealer WR item.png
  • Banshee's Veil item.png
  • Black Cleaver item.png
  • Blade of the Ruined King item.png
  • Bloodthirster item.png
  • Crystalline Reflector WR item.png
  • Dead Man's Plate item.png
  • Death's Dance item.png
  • Duskblade of Draktharr item.png
  • Edge of Night item.png
  • Essence Reaver item.png
  • Fimbulwinter WR item.png
  • Force of Nature item.png
  • Frozen Heart item.png
  • Guardian Angel item.png
  • Harmonic Echo WR item.png
  • Hextech Gunblade item.png
  • Hextech Megadrive WR item.png
  • Frostfire Gauntlet item.png
  • Infinity Edge item.png
  • Infinity Orb WR item.png
  • Ixtali Seedjar WR item.png
  • Liandry's Anguish item.png
  • Lich Bane item.png
  • Luden's Tempest item.png
  • Manamune item.png
  • Maw of Malmortius item.png
  • Morellonomicon item.png
  • Mortal Reminder item.png
  • Muramana item.png
  • Nashor's Tooth item.png
  • Navori Quickblades item.png
  • Phantom Dancer item.png
  • Protector's Vow WR item.png
  • Rabadon's Deathcap item.png
  • Randuin's Omen item.png
  • Rapid Firecannon item.png
  • Rod of Ages WR item.png
  • Runaan's Hurricane item.png
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png
  • Seraph's Embrace item.png
  • Serylda's Grudge item.png
  • Solari Chargeblade WR item.png
  • Spirit Visage item.png
  • Staff of Flowing Water item.png
  • Statikk Shiv WR item.png
  • Sterak's Gage item.png
  • Stormrazor item.png
  • Sunfire Aegis item.png
  • Thornmail item.png
  • Trinity Force item.png
  • Umbral Glaive item.png
  • Void Staff item.png
  • Warmog's Armor item.png
  • Winter's Approach WR item.png
  • Wit's End item.png
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png
  • Zeke's Convergence item.png
  • Sweeping Lens WR item.png
  • Warding Totem WR item.png
  • Boots item.png
  • Boots of Swiftness item.png
  • Gluttonous Greaves WR item.png
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png
  • Mercury's Treads item.png
  • Plated Steelcaps item.png
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate item.png
  • Righteous Glory item.png
  • Locket of the Iron Solari item Unused HD.png
  • Hextech Rocketbelt item Unused HD.png
  • Quicksilver Sash item.png
  • Redemption item.png
  • Shadows Enchant WR item.png
  • Zhonya's Hourglass item.png
  • Teleport Enchant WR item.png

Exclusive Items

These items are exclusive to Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift.

The following items were once in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends but were removed and are now exclusive to Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift.

Item Differences

Note: These differences are made in comparison to items in League of Legends.
  • Icons of recommended items that are affordable will appear on the left of the player's screen for quick purchases.
  • Boots can be upgraded into active enchantments. This is the only means of obtaining items that have active abilities.
  • Items that grant Lethality now instead grant flat armor penetration.
  • Life steal icon.png Life steal and Spell vamp icon.png spell vamp have been reworked into "Physical vamp" and "Magical vamp".
  • There are no starter items and potions.
  • Passives from Hunter's Talisman Hunter's Talisman and Hunter's Machete Hunter's Machete have been embedded into Smite Smite.



List of Items