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Item (Teamfight Tactics)Item (Teamfight Tactics)
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Summoner's Rift Shopkeepers with Season 2021 items.

An item is a modular enhancement that the player can equip in-game, usually purchasable for gold Gold gold. Items are often fashioned into objects from Runeterran lore, otherwise following the theme of the game's background setting.

Acquiring items

Item key bindings

The inventory has key bindings for active effects, such as #2, #3, and #4.

Items can be purchased from the shop. The player's inventory can contain up to six items and one trinket at a time, making the choice of items an important factor in a champion's strength.

The inventory interface also includes the Recall Recall button.

Item shop interface

The item shop interface.


Item shop desk

Items and gold.

Most items provide buffs to champions. Some buffs improve the stats of the champion, while others provide other types of benefits.

  • Stat buffs improve the champion's statistics. Most items grant some form of stat buff.
  • Passive effects are constantly active while the champion has the item equipped, like champion innate abilities.
  • Auras are buffs or debuffs that affect nearby friendly or enemy units, respectively. All aura effects are unique.
    • The holder of an aura item is not affected by the aura and thus can still benefit from an aura. This allows auras to stack up to twice on champions who possess the aura themselves. Other allies don't benefit beyond the first aura.
  • Active effects function similarly to champion abilities. They are activated by clicking on the item or by pressing the item's hotkey. Like champion abilities, active effects have cooldowns. Once the item has been activated, it goes on cooldown and cannot be triggered again until it has come off cooldown. The cooldown of active effects is affected by Cooldown reduction icon item haste.
    • Some items−such as consumables−can utilize charges that limit the amount of activations. These charges may be restocked either automatically, or require repurchase. In the case of repurchased charges, the item will be removed from the inventory when charges are depleted.


Quality Tiers

Items are primarily organized by quality tiers. This excludes consumable or boot items.

These items are intended as effective starting items at the beginning of the game. These items usually do not build into higher-tier items.
These items provide a single stat attribute or special effect.
These items provide additional stats and/or a special effect. Some epic items offer lesser effects of the legendary item(s) that they build into.
These items provide the greatest stats and a significant special effect. They do not build into other items.


Most items can be upgraded by paying the cost in gold. Some, however, cannot be purchased and are obtained solely through the process of transformation - a unique effect that occurs under a specific condition, either gaining a specified amount of stacks on the item or completing explicit quests.

Unique effects

Items and their effects may have a "Unique" tag that prevents effect stacking.

  • Effect limitation gives the item effect a "Unique" tag that prevents the effect from stacking via a duplicate of the item. Aura items circumvent this restriction since the effect is received under different conditions.
  • Named Effect limitation broadens the constraint of unique effect limitation across different items. The effects of the named effect can be gained only once, even if the two items are entirely unrelated (such as Tenacity).
  • Item group limitation gives the item a "Unique" tag that prohibits purchase of duplicates and other items with the same tag, excluding purchases that consume the item via upgrading.

Once a unique effect goes on cooldown, all other instances sync to the most recent cooldown even if they haven't been activated.

List of Items