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Isolde is the late wife of Viego Viego and former Queen of Camavor. Her death began the events that culminated with The Ruination.


Isolde was a poor seamstress born in a rural colony within Camavor. In her childhood, she crafted Gwen Gwen, a doll that embodied her fantasies of adventure and royalty. One day, the recently appointed king of Camavor, Viego Viego, fell in love at first sight, and asked for her hand in marriage. Viego loved his new wife, so much that he refused to go anywhere without her and focused more on her than ruling his kingdom. This bred contempt from his allies, knowing that Camavor would crumble due to Viego's neglectful rulership.

Camavor's enemies took advantage of Viego's ignorance, and sent an assassin to kill Viego using a poisoned blade. The assassination was successfully foiled, but Isolde was accidentally grazed by the dagger and subsequently poisoned. As she slowly succumbed to the poison, Viego's sanity deteriorated as he became more desperate for a cure. His niece and most trusted general Kalista Kalista, was sent to find a cure for the Queen's condition. She discovered the Blessed Isles, and learned about the magical Waters of Life in the Isles that could cure the poison. However, Isolde had died before this news had reached Camavor.

Viego and his army set forth for the Blessed Isles with Isolde's body. The Isle natives did not let them in and refused to bring Isolde back to life, as they believed that death was not to be subverted. Viego set his army to kill the natives; one survivor, a a custodian a custodian of the inner sanctums, instead offered to lead him straight to the Waters of Life. Isolde was lowered into the water, and quickly resurrected into a revenant of pain and anger. In her agony and confusion, she stabbed Viego with his enchanted blade, which caused the blade's magic to amplify into a eruption of Ruination. The Blessed Isles was taken over by a Black Mist and all life on it was destroyed, leaving nothing but the undead souls of the people that remained on the isles.

After the Ruination, Isolde's soul was split into many fragments. The fragments spread to many different parts of Runeterra, possessing various people and objects, including Gwen, Senna Senna, and Yorick Yorick's Maiden of the Mist.

Years later, Viego was brought back as an immortal being capable of bending the Black Mist to his will. He spread the Black Mist across Runeterra in an effort to assemble all of the pieces of Isolde's soul and bring her back to life. Seeing the harm that he was doing to the world, the Sentinels of Light raced to gather the fragments and defeat the Ruined King. In a final conflict, Veigo triumphed over the Sentinels, and successfully assembled Isolde back together. However, Isolde was horrified and saddened by what Viego had become: an obsession that would destroy the world. She wished to be put to rest, prompting Sentinel Akshan Akshan to destroy her with his Absolver. The magic of Akshan's weapon revived Gwen and Senna in the process of killing Isolde, and granted her a “true death” where she would rest forever.


Isolde was a woman with light skin and auburn hair. She would often wear the clothes of a seamstress, and while she still wore the same outfit while married to Viego, it was made slightly more extravagant after she married Viego.


Isolde was a poor seamstress who loved everything she made. She especially loved her doll Gwen Gwen. When she met Viego shortly after he became the King of Camavor, she fell in love and got married shortly after. They had a whirlwind romance, and Isolde very much cared for Viego. But that was undone when she was revived by Viego for the second time, when she saw what he had become. At that point, she wanted to die and even prompted Akshan Akshan to kill her.


  • Seamstress: Isolde was a talented seamstress, being able to sew objects such as dolls from string.


Viego Viego

"You turned our season of love into an eternity of bitterness and madness."
— Isolde, Absolution

As a commoner, the path to royalty was a dream to Isolde. She loved Viego until her dying breath, but he refused to leave her side even in death. Within the Waters of Life, Isolde revived in a fit of agony and confusion, and stabbed Viego with his own sword.

Upon being resurrected a second time, Isolde pitied at what Viego had become: an bitter obsession that ignored everything and everyone else, one that would not let go of what must be lost.

Sentinels of Light Crest icon.svg Sentinels of Light

The Sentinels of Light knew of Viego's quest to revive Isolde and gathered parts of her soul in order to lure Viego to them and defeat him.

Senna Abaru Senna Abaru

"I'll be with you, every step of the way… Yet I fear, in the end, it may take all we have."
— Isolde, Redeemed

When Isolde's soul fractured, part of her soul possessed Senna, cursing her to have the Black Mist follow her wherever she went. Senna was forced to become a Sentinel of Light because of this. After Senna's death, Isolde could finally communicate with her, and her power granted influence over the Black Mist that enabled her to escape Thresh's Thresh's lantern.

Gwen Gwen

"I was a girl once, playing with dolls, singing as I made believe."
— Isolde, Redeemed

Part of Isolde's fractured soul possessed Gwen and gave her life, imbuing her with sewing magic and power to create Hallowed Mist.

Akshan Akshan

"Our tragedy should have died with me."
— Isolde, Absolution

Akshan killed Isolde after she prompted him to do so when Viego revived her for the second time.

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Starring Champion

Akshan Graves Lucian Senna Vayne Absolution.png

Shadow Isles Crest icon.png


Absolution (Cinematic)

Two souls entwined by fate. One life for the other’s freedom.

Roots of Ruin.jpg

Shadow Isles Crest icon.png

Short Story

Roots of Ruin

By Numerous creators

The end began with one man.


  • Isolde is voiced by Andressa Andreatto.[1]
  • As stated in Rise of the Sentinels, after the Ruination, Isolde’s soul had split into 13 fragments scattered across Valoran. Each fragment/fetter shows one of Isolde's personalities. These items were:
    • An old, worn-down music box (Camavor)
    • A handheld mirror (Demacia)
    • A reed basket (Shurima)
    • A flagon of wine (Noxus)
    • A silver flower (Ionia)
      • Represented: Resilient beauty
    • A copper sundial (Targon)
    • An antique parasol (Piltover & Zaun)
    • A jade mask (Ixtal)
    • A brass bell (Bilgewater)
    • An ivory comb (Freljord)
    • Person/Living creatures:
    • Senna Senna
      • Represented: Fierce protector
    • Gwen Gwen
      • Represented: Youthful joy
    • Maiden of the Mist Maiden of the Mist (Shadow Isles)
      • Represented: Pain


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