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Insight is a tier 4 Resolve mastery with 1 rank. [1]


Patch History

  • Added
  • Tier 4 Resolve mastery with 1 rank.
  • Grants 15% reduced summoner spell cooldowns.


  1. Masteries on leagueoflegends.com

Utility Mastery Tree
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Insight mastery 2011

Insight was a tier 3 Utility mastery with 1 rank.

Effect per Rank


  • Requires 8 points in Utility.


  • The icon is reused from the first icon for Clarity old Clarity.

Patch History

  • Removed due to Season 2012.
June 26, 2009 Patch
  • Added
  • Tier 3 Utility mastery with 1 rank.
  • Clarity Clarity will now grant the same amount of mana to allies as your champion receives.

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