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Patch History

  • New Effect: Now jumps immediately at the start of combat instead of with a small delay.
  • New Effect: Now jump regardless if there is a target in attack range.
  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 50 / 75 / 120% (based on the number of Infiltrators) from 50 / 80 / 125%.
  • New Effect: 2 Infiltrators also refreshes the attack speed on takedown.
  • New Effect: 6 Infiltrators now grant 125% attack speed, refreshed on takedown.
V10.6 - Added
  • Innate: At the start of combat, Infiltrators jump to the back of enemy backline.
  • Synergy: Infiltrators gain bonus attack speed for 6 seconds at the start of combat.
    • 2 Infiltrators: 50% attack speed
    • 4 Infiltrators: 80% attack speed, refreshed on takedown
  • Champions: Ekko PROJECTSquare Ekko, Fizz SuperGalaxySquare Fizz, Kai'Sa BulletAngelSquare Kai'Sa, Kha'Zix OriginalSquare Kha'Zix, Shaco DarkStarSquare Shaco.
  • Item: Infiltrator's Talons TFT item Infiltrator's Talons.
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