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The Imperial synergy is based around champions related to Noxus Noxus. The synergy focuses on bolstering offensive stats.



  • Dragons Dragons are a natural counter to Imperials with their high defensive stats and ability to inflict Grievous Wounds icon.png Grievous Wounds.
  • Katarina Katarina and Swain Swain deal heavy magic damage, a Dragon's Claw Dragon's Claw or Hush Hush can let an ally handle their special abilities.
  • Draven Draven deals a ton of physical damage. This can be mitigated in a few ways:
    • Blitzcrank Blitzcrank, and Gnar Gnar can move him and interrupt his special ability.
    • Thornmail Thornmail on tanks can make Draven regret ever hitting them, good champions for this are any Guardian Guardian, Gnar Gnar, Shyvana Shyvana, and most other tanky frontline champions.
  • Darius Darius, as the tank of the Imperials, mostly benefits from the heal he gets, because of that, Grievous Wounds icon.png Grievous Wounds shuts him down.


  • Demacia Demacia and Noxus Noxus are often considered polar opposites. This is notably represented in their respective traits, with Noble Noble being defensive, and Imperial being offensive.

Patch History

V12.4 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 6.5.
V12.2 - January 25th Hotfix
  • Tyrant bonus damage reduced to 75 / 135% (based on the number of Imperials) from 80 / 150%.
  • Imperial bonus damage reduced to 75% from 80%.
  • Bug Fix: Damage buff is no longer removed in some uncommon situations.
  • Tyrant bonus damage increased to 80 / 150% (based on the number of Imperials) from 75 / 125%.
  • Imperial bonus damage increased to 80% from 75%.
  • Non-Tyrant bonus damage increased to 75% from 50%.
  • Imperial bonus damage increased to 50% from 40%.
V11.22 - Returning
  • Synergy: At the start of combat, the Imperial who dealt the most damage last combat becomes the Tyrant. The Tyrant deals bonus damage. When the Tyrant dies, the Imperial who has dealt the most damage this combat becomes the new Tyrant.
    • 3 Imperials: 75% bonus damage
    • 5 Imperials: 125% bonus damage, other Imperials deal 40% bonus damage
  • Champions: Samira Samira, Sion Sion, Swain Swain, Talon Talon.
  • Item: Imperial Emblem Imperial Emblem.
V9.22 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 2.
V9.15 - August 1st Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Imperial bonus no longer incorrectly affects items.
  • Bug Fix: Items no longer benefit from the Imperial trait bonus.
V9.13 - Added
  • Synergy: A select number of Imperials deal double damage.
    • 2 Imperials: One random Imperial
    • 4 Imperials: All Imperials
  • Champions: Darius Darius, Draven Draven, Katarina Katarina, Swain Swain.