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"I will be a luminous force in the world."
LuxSquare Lux

The Illuminators are a charitable religious order of Demacia working to help the sick and the poor.


The Illuminators have been secretly recruiting people with magical abilities and helping them conceal their abilities from the public. LuxSquare Luxanna Crownguard became a volunteer in the ranks of the Illuminators, aiding people in need, even prisoners such as SylasSquare Sylas before his escape.

Champions of the Illuminators

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Notable Illuminators
Radiant Kahina A knight of the Illuminator order.
Radiant LuxSquare Luxanna Crownguard A member of the Illuminator order.


  • Lux ElementalistCircle Elementalist Lux skin represents what LuxSquare Lux would have become if he became the Queen of Demacia and magic was accepted in the Kingdom.
    • The Illuminator Crest is also the same as Elementalist profileicon Elementalist one.


Runeterra Adventure Demacia

Runeterra Adventure Demacia

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