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Illaoi's Illaoi's powerful physique is dwarfed only by her indomitable faith. As the prophet of the Great Kraken, she uses a huge, golden idol idol to rip her foes' spirits spirits from their bodies and shatter their perception of reality reality. All who challenge the 'Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros' soon discover Illaoi never battles alone - the god of the Serpent Isles fights by her side.

IllaoiSquare.png"Wisdom is frequently a kick in the head."  Illaoi
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Spreading the Faith

Shadow and Fortune

Ruined King






  • Spirit Magic: Illaoi is a powerful performer of spirit magic, capable of numerous feats such as invoking the power of her goddess, creating magical barriers, healing others, and projecting spirit energy to decimate her foes.
    • Soul Manipulation: As a follower of Nakagabourus, Illaoi can tap into soul energy and draw strength from it, test someone's spirit test someone's spirit and banish wraiths.
  • Priesthood: Illaoi is the leader of the Buhru religion, the "Truth Bearer", as such she is very knowledgeable on performing rituals, spell casting, creating wardens of protection, and creating magical items.
  • Formidable Physique: Illaoi's faith is only rivaled by her enormous strength. She is capable of holding the Eye of God Eye of God, a very heavy artifact, with notable ease.


Gangplank Gangplank

Illaoi was Gangplank's first love. Gangplank Gangplank, but they went their separate ways over a decade ago. Their past relationship is implied by her liking mangos and him oranges oranges. Illaoi still has some feelings for him.She chose to save Gangplank after his ship was sunk by Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and gave him a spirit test which he passed. She then decided to help him retake the city.

Miss Fortune Miss Fortune

Illaoi protected Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and many others from an attack of the Black Mist, during which she drove off Hecarim Hecarim with the power of her god.

Illaoi suspects Miss Fortune Miss Fortune needs to be tested by her god soon. This test is briefly shown in The Climb.


Illaoi abhors the undead of the Shadow Isles and the Black Mist itself as both embody the very stagnation she seeks to eradicate. This can be illustrated when she tells Sion Sion he was 'cheated of rebirth' (his soul has been trapped and unable to reincarnate as new life)[1][2]

The undead would fail their test instantly.[3] She would want to end Mordekaiser Mordekaiser the most for being the de facto puppeteer of others' souls.[4]

Braum Braum

Illaoi's dialogue with Braum implies that she finds Braum physically attractive. Over the course of the adventure, Braum and Illaoi develop a friendship. Illaoi would invite Braum to be more intimate and while he isn't averse to her advances, he declines because it is an inopportune time due to him needing to focus on the upcoming battles.

Illaoi's voice lines imply if she were to ever test Braum, he would pass the test very easily as he is doing exactly what Illaoi preaches: living his life as he sees fit.[5][6][7]

Ahri Ahri


Yasuo Yasuo


Pyke Pyke

Although Pyke Pyke is an undead, Illaoi sees Pyke as serving a much larger eddy and therefore is in motion.[8] She cast a spell that made Pyke more benevolent as a result of Nagakabouros' influence, but he may eventually return back to his murderous state.


Illaoi views 'spirits' (Anivia Anivia, Bard Bard, Kindred Kindred, Yordles, etc.) as a useless distraction from the truth.[9]Tahm Kench Tahm Kench would avoid her as he probably knows he would perish if Nagakabouros tested him.[10]

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Illaoi OriginalCentered.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png


The Kraken Priestess

By Odin Austin Shafer

Starring Champion

Ruined King Kingdom.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Music Video

Kingdom (Video)

By Numerous creators


Bilgewater The Harrowing.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Short Story • 51 Minute Read

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter Four

By Graham McNeill

She is not Dead, Strange Bedfellows, In Motion Again

Bilgewater Bilgewater Bay 02.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Short Story • 8 Minute Read

The Burden

By Odin Austin Shafer

Truth Bearer, this is why we must retreat to Buhru. We cannot save the paylangi' the Hierophant said. The heavy-set woman grinned, obviously pleased by the prospect of leaving Bilgewater.

Lucian Thresh The Climb.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


The Climb

Take the first step and begin your climb.

Illaoi Trial Of The Kraken Priestess.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png


Trial of the Kraken Priestess

By Numerous creators

There can be no rest. We are the motion.

Mentioned Champion

Nautilus Dead in the Water.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Short Story

Dead in the Water

By Graham McNeill

Red tide out, red tide in.

Runeterra Terrain map.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Ezreal's Field Notes

By Matthew Dunn

Who needs a map?

Bilgewater The Harrowing.jpg

Bilgewater Crest icon.png

Short Story • 51 Minute Read

Shadow and Fortune: Chapter One

By Graham McNeill

Blood on the Streets, Glory in Death, Down to the Bearded Lady/nThe Butcher Blades had hung the Jackdaw from a rusted marlinspike through his jawbone and left him for the quayside scavengers. This was the seventeenth murdered ganger the hooded man had seen tonight.

Alternate Universes

Illaoi ResistanceSkin.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png

Short Story

Resistance Illaoi

By Jared Rosen


  • Nagakabouros' religion is meant to speak uniquely to Runeterra and to life on the Serpent Isles.[11]
  • Illaoi is powerful because she is personally capable of serving her god--- that's actually a rare gift. That puts her on the same level as Moses at the very least. Channeling her god's power (not generating it) is extremely difficult.
  • Illaoi in world (as opposed to "in game") is insanely strong against the undead. (After all her religion is about "life" in all its messiness serving the universe's plan).[14]
    • Illaoi is definitely deeply involved in matters of the soul, but there is an important distinction between her interaction with the spirit world and what the Harrowing represents. 'Healthy' souls move through a constant cycle of transition and rebirth. Losts souls, like the denizens that inhabit the Shadow Isles, are stagnant, and trapped on the mortal plane.
  • Illaoi's worldview expresses that everyone must follow their dreams no matter how brutal they might be. Having doubts isn't a "sin" in her religion—failing to take action is.[15]
    • But if while doing so someone becomes so passive or so demotivated to keep on pursuing their destiny that their soul starts to stagnate, then Illaoi will give them a Harsh Lesson Harsh Lesson in order to encourage them to get back on track. She's a tough lady, so she's a fan of harsh lessons, but the truth is that she has your best interest at heart. If she breaks a few bones in the process, well, then it was probably for your own good.
      • This brand of tough love will end in one of two ways: someone passes their Test of Spirit Test of Spirit and is back in 'motion' or they fail and, as a result, their energy returns to the universe so that another lifeform might make better use of it.[1][16][2]
    • While a fiercely intelligent woman, Illaoi is from a far, isolated corner of the world. She often doesn't know who people are—but wants everyone to understand they are below her god.
  • Nagakabouros is not even the only god worshipped in Buhru (though it is the most popular on that island). However, Serpent Islanders aren't aware of other religions so they've never needed a name for their faith.[17] Buhru has other gods. Valoran has other gods.
    • Indigenous creatures from their home isles are used as religious symbols in the same fashion Christianity uses lambs and doves.[18]
      • They always share food with guests (especially fruit) but eating without offering to share is a huge insult and an overt threat in their eyes.[19]
  • Illaoi's religion is about life serving the universe. But Nagakabouros is seen as bigger than that goal. Illaoi knows, she can not comprehend her god or its plans. So she and her religion are attempting to serve and understand a small portion of that god's idea. She is aware that Nagakabouros is a mental construct based on human's limited perception and intellect—but it is an attempt to illustrate a greater truth (See Brahma vs Para Brahman for an example of this.)[20]
    • "Is what I'm doing god's will?" Is something she struggles with. That is her test of faith. She absolutely knows her god exists (in a way we cant). But is she doing what it wants? Is she serving its will? That is something her faith must bear. Nagakabouros doesn't give out bibles, or hard rules. It demands you to be self aware, emotionally present, and iron willed. Her faith requires you to approach you're own subconscious with simultaneous questioning doubt and total certainty.[21]
  • When Illaoi conducts a Test of Spirit Test of Spirit she rips only one of the Vessel's Vessel's many incarnations from throughout their lives.
    • She hits people with Nagakabouros idol (which she is stepping in in her splash art) too. For her and her religion it's a useful thing—built to last—objects and symbols are to glorify motion—they have no value outside of that. If it breaks it was meant to break and has reached the end of its use.

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