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Iceborn is an alteration to some creatures in the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord that grants them the ability to resist the cold and wield True Ice.


The Iceborn

Iceborn is a rare magical alteration that makes the individual more resistant to the cold and grants them the ability to manipulate both True Ice and Dark Ice. It is the result of an ancient and terrible bargain made by Lissandra Lissandra to grant those powers for her sisters and followers. The vast majority of known Iceborn are humans, though the Three Sisters had Iceborn followers from different races.[1]

Thought to be a rare phenomenon, the blood of the tribes has been known to carry the power of this bargain. Very few Iceborn exist today, though the title and ability to work with ice are both heritable (can be passed down through generations and mostly consistently from the mother to her child).

Iceborn Champions

Other Related Champions


The Three Sisters

After losing her sight to the Volibear Volibear, Lissandra Lissandra chose instead to walk in dreams. As she navigated the fitful visions of those around her, she realized only she could see Void Crest icon.png the darkness below for what it was: the lingering abyss promised not only an ending, but infinity. It was death, both dangerous and full of potential. Unknown to her sisters, Lissandra struck a deal on their behalf with the god-like entities she had communed with—the Watchers would grant them near-immortality in exchange for preparing Runeterra for the coming of the Void.

The three sisters and their most powerful followers were named Iceborn. Those with this ability to withstand the worst of the numbing frost would be spared until the very end.

The fall of the frozen Watchers

After some time, two Iceborn leaders, Lissandra's sisters: Avarosa (Ashe's Ashe's supposed ancestor) and Serylda, (Sejuani's Sejuani's supposed ancestor) started a rebellion against the Watchers, tired of their slave-like status.

On a fateful day, Avarosa's and Serylda's Iceborn hordes marched into the mountains, to face Lissandra before the walls of her own fortress. At the height of this bitter confrontation, the Watchers finally came to Runeterra and showed what they truly were. In that moment, Lissandra's Lissandra's only choices were to let all the world be consumed, or to give up what she cared for most—Lissandra sacrificed her sisters and the allies they had gathered, entombing the Watchers beneath a glacial barrier of magical ice that could never be melted.

The Watchers and the War are now only remembered almost as fairy tales, and they likely happened several thousands of years ago. As of now, there are very, very few extant Iceborn.


  • The Three Sisters:
    • Lissandra Lissandra lost her sight to "the savage claws of a primal god"[2] - Volibear Volibear.
    • Serylda "lost her voice to the first twilight"[2] - Likely a Targonian Ascended Host of the Aspect of Twilight Twilight.
    • Avarosa "faced the twisting dark beneath the world, and was deafened by its emptiness, waiting to consume all creation."[2] This is presumably the Void.
  • Ashe Ashe and Sejuani Sejuani are Iceborn, hailed as descendants and reincarnations of Avarosa and Serylda respectively by the people of the Freljord. However, it is unclear if they have direct bloodline connections to these Iceborn, besides Ashe's tribe being named after Avarosa.
  • No ordinary human has been shown to use and manipulate True Ice, as contacting it can be lethal for those individuals.
    • In The Shackles of Belief, Sylas Sylas is unable to wield a True Ice weapon, however he could channel its power through the Iceborn Brokvar who wielded it, giving him the ability to control ice.
  • Braum Braum was speculated to be an Iceborn, as his original lore makes him seem ageless (to the point that tales about him happened more than 5 generations ago) and incredibly strong. He was later confirmed by RiotJaredan to not be an Iceborn; he is just a very strong human whose tales (embellished or true) spread around the Freljord during his lifetime.[3] However, WAAARGHbobo and then his biography later confirmed his Iceborn heritage, while the stories about him are just exaggerated tales about his adventures.[4].
  • Besides Iceborn, other terms and/or sub-races of humans are Heartbound, Fireborn, Stormborn and Warmblood.
    • Sunborn is a similar term but is used for the race of Ascended humans of Shurima
  • Iceborn is more likely to be a warmother, a military leader of a Freljordian Tribe.
  • The Iceborn possibly references two figures from Norse mythology:
    • The primordial ice giant Ymir,
    • The god Búri who was figuratively 'born' from a salty ice-block licked by the primeval cow Auðumbla.
  • The Iceborn are the first known users of True Ice, and were likely its discoverers.
  • Other notable Iceborn are: Halla Ice-in-her-Soul, Olar Stonefist, Ralakka Split-Tongue, and Sigvar Half-Quiver, Grena (Ashe's Ashe's mother), Kalkia (Sejuani's Sejuani's mother), Hejian (Sejuani's Sejuani's grandmother) and Gregor (the shopkeeper in the Howling Abyss).
    • In the old canon, Gregor is a deceased Iceborn, as stated by himself. He was killed by Avarosa so that his spirit could serve as the eternal guardian of the Howling Abyss and adviser should the Watchers return. While he still exists in the current lore based on the flavour text of LoR Spell Non-Slow Indicator.png6 Iceborn Legacy, the contexts behind the fall of the Frozen Watchers have been changed, and as a result, so may his background and role.
  • It is rare for Iceborn women not to bear children with the Iceborn trait, even if their father isn't an Iceborn. However, the same is not true for Iceborn men, which is one of the reasons Freljord tribes organize, mostly, in matriarchies.
  • Prior to Trundle's Trundle's biography update and as in the old canon, it was thought that the term Iceborn only applies to humans, while the same trait appears in Frost Trolls by default, which turned out to be false in the current lore.
  • It is possible the Iceborn trait unknowingly exists in some population outside of Freljord as those individuals don't live in the cold climate.
  • Different Iceborn have different level of resistance to the cold and the effect of True Ice, as the pain caused by using True Ice is perceived and described differently by different individuals.
  • In the linkBlackfrost (Universe) Blackfrost universe, several characters now possess Iceborn abilities, from species such as Minotaur, Ascended, and Spirit.


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