Ice Sea map

Ice Sea Map

The Ice Sea is the sea north of the Valoran continent. It is the gateway to the Arctic from Freljord. The Glacial Prison and Ursine Lands are located there.


Related Champions

  • AsheSquare Ashe caught a Grellfeen on the Ice Sea.
  • RyzeSquare Ryze sailed the Ice Sea in search of a World Rune.
  • SejuaniSquare Sejuani caught a Grellfeen on the Ice Sea.
  • VolibearSquare Volibear and his followers frequently traverse the Ice Sea to their hunting grounds.


Void Facing The Void

RyzeSquare Ryze at the Glacial Prison

  • Glacial Prison: is located northwest from Valoran, in the Arctic ice-sheath. Far beyond the known lands of Valoran, in the deepest, darkest spaces beneath the world, servants of the mythical Watchers are drawn to the power of the World Runes.
  • Ursine Lands: It is a land that can be found just above northern Freljord, being separated from the rest of Valoran by the Ice Sea. This is where the demigod VolibearSquare Volibear has staked out territory via his followers, the Ursine. It is probably located at or near the North Pole of Runeterra.


Ashe Warmother 3 pr05

A Grellfeen attacking AsheSquare Ashe.


Grellfeen are giant frost-like serpents originating from the northern icey salt waters of the Freljord, specifically the Ice Sea area near the Ursine Lands. They have a row sword sharp teeth used for ripping of flesh. Like the frost serpents, they have a thick sharp hide that enables them to survive low temperatures. Unlike their relatives, the grellfeen can grow to an enormous size, being able to rap its entire limbless body around a Freljordian ship. They have large bloodshot eyes and front nostrils. The Ursine usually hunt these animals for sport and food, although some tribes have also been seen hunting them when times are desperate. Their meat can be carved into large chunks and transported by boat to the coast.


A Wolfseal is a shaggy, sea-lion-like creature with an elongated snout native to the Ice Sea of the Freljord.

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