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Hvardis was a fortified city located at the edge of the Argent Mountains near the Gates of Mourning.


Hvardis was the location of one of the first clashes between Noxus and Demacia. The Demacians had driven the new Noxian occupants of the territories adjacent to their border eastward, harrying them back behind the walls of Hvardis.
When Sion Human Render.png Sion and his elite warband arrived at the city, having aborted their campaign in the mountains to the North, he was outraged that the land which his own warriors had paid with blood to conquer was given up so easily, paving the road for similar Demacian actions in the future. In a lesson about responsibility, Sion hurled the incompetent commander from the city wall and ordered a counter-attack.
Ultimately, most of the exhausted troops rallied from Hvardis fled the battle early on, dooming the outlook of Sion and his warband. Nevertheless, he fought his way to the leader of the Demacian army, King Jarvan I himself, delivering an end to his reign at the cost of his own life.

Eventually, during Darkwill's reign, Hvardis broke away from the Noxian Empire.

After Swain Swain took over, he sent a now resurrected Sion Sion to the city as a punishment for their rebellion. He butchered the defenders of Hvardis and leveled the city, laughing as he ripped its towers apart with his bare hands. Other regions that had abandoned Noxus soon bent the knee, fearing the undead juggernaut would be unleashed upon them next.

Related Champions

  • Jarvan IV's Jarvan IV's ancestor, Jarvan I died on the battlefield near Hvardis.
  • Sion Sion died in battle west of Hvardis; Decades later, his resurrected self leveled the city.
  • Swain Swain ordered the city to be leveled to the ground.