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Horses are a group of hoofed species that resides all across Runeterra. They are the primary source of transport for most human civilizations.


Related Champions

  • Lux Lux has a personal horse named Starfire.
  • Hecarim's Hecarim's soul fused with his horse's due to the Ruination.


Most horse species shown in the setting retain most of the physical characteristics of earth horses.


Just like their earth counterparts, horses are domesticated animals bred as mounts for sapient species such as Humans. From Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Ionia, to Shurima, horses are an integral part of society for transport, as non-horse driven carriages are only limited to few places such as Piltover and Zaun.

In Demacian version of Tellstones, the piece known as The Knight has a horse on it. It symbolizes the Dauntless warriors and his loyal steeds.


  • Horses are seen in multiple universe, most notable ones (besides the Earth ones) are linkHigh Noon (Universe) High Noon and linkLunar Revel AU (Universe) Lunar Revel AU.


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