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Home LoR.png

The Home tab is viewed in the main menu of Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra and is the one the game launches into. On it there are several buttons and interface elements: On the top left: The player's Player Icon, which shows the player's Profile when clicked, the News, Weekly Vaults (where you can see your current weekly vault gains; refreshes every week).


Animated backgrounds appear on the Home tab. A player is not able to customize which appears. When there is no event going on with its own background, a regional one is used. The backgrounds tend to have animated foreground VFX, such as light beams or petals. Elements of the backgrounds move relative to each other when the user moves the mouse on Windows, or tilts the device on Android or iOS. Until an unknown patch, on Windows, the background moved even when the application wasn't in focus.

All the background images are more heavily cropped in the client than in the images shown here, if the cropping is significant, it is noted.


When there is no event going on, animated Runeterra Crest icon.png regional backgrounds appear on the Home tab. It is seemingly chosen Keyword Random.png randomly. The background changes each time the application is started, or a game completes.


  • LoR Champion Indicator.png6Darius and his tower move independent to the background.
  • There is animated fog/kicked up dust over the background, and the foreground flags move in the wind, but the background ones don't. Darius' cape also moves in the wind.
  • This image is cropped to cut out most of the flag on the right side.

Darius overlooking and rallying legions of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxian troops.


  • LoR Champion Indicator.png4Yasuo and the bridge move independent to the background.
  • There are animated pink falling petals in the foreground, Yasuo's hair moves very subtly in the wind, as does the bridge.
  • The version used on the home screen is heavily cropped on the right side, which means that the bridge's destination can't be seen, and the bridge can move with the mouse without any significant distortion.

Yasuo stood on a wooden bridge in Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, with a village in the distance.


  • LoR Champion Indicator.png4Ashe, her perch, and the foreground cliff move independent to the background.
  • There is animated mist and light snow in the foreground. Some of the far foreground snow falls over the menu interface.

Ashe overlooking Freljord Crest icon.png Freljordian mountains.


  • LoR Champion Indicator.png5Lux and the building she's sat on move independent to the background.
  • There are animated light beams in the foreground.

Lux overlooking a port in Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia.


  • This background has an animated foreground with LoR Champion Indicator.png3Miss Fortune stood on LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png7 her ship, and waves.
  • Miss Fortune and her ship move independent to the background. The ship appears to be a 3D Model.
  • Miss Fortune's ship bobs on multiple axis and moves backwards and forwards, on the waves which are also animated, moving towards the screen. Miss Fortune's hair and clothes move in the wind, along with the sail and loose ropes on her ship. Miss Fortune bends her knees to adjust to the movement of her ship.
  • There are animated seagulls, water droplets splashing, and sunbeams in the foreground.
  • The first time the game was started during V1.0, where Bilgewater LoR Region.png Bilgewater was added, a cutscene would play that led to this background. During that patch, only this background was shown on the home screen.

Cropped screenshot showing the foreground with Miss Fortune on her ship, onlooking Bilgewater Bay.

Piltover & Zaun

  • LoR Champion Indicator.png4Jinx and the building she's stood on move independent to the background.
  • There is animated heat haze and mist visible over the background.

Jinx overlooking part of both Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover & Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun at night.


  • (Foreground) LoR Champion Indicator.png4Taric, the rock he's stood on, the foreground rocks to the right, and the floating crystals move independent to the midground and background.
  • (Midground) the rocks behind the foreground rocks move independent to the foreground and background.
  • There is an animated beam into the sky at the peak of the mountain, animated 'stars' orbiting the peak, occasional comets moving towards the camera, sparkles floating erratically, with brighter but more fleeting ones originating from the crystals, animated vertical light beams at various points on the mountain, Taric's hair and cape move in the wind, alongside him bobbing up and down breathing, animated clouds moving outwards from the peak, the background stars sparkle, move slowly downwards, and fade in and out of existence, there is animated mist in the midground and background. The floating crystals appear to be three-dimensional models, rotating and bobbing up and down.
  • The first time the game was started after V1.8 was released, where Targon LoR Region.png Targon was added, a cutscene would play that led to this background. In that day, only this background was shown on the home screen. After, a small patch occurred that seemingly disabled the Targon background completely. On 31 August 2020, it appears that there was another patch that re-enabled the background but didn't force it on. Generally, during V1.8, this background appeared inconsistently. However, this is all anecdotal.
  • A button appears on the right side of this background to replay the animation that played when first starting the game for patch 1.8.


Shadow Isles

  • LoR Champion Indicator.png5Thresh and rock he's stood on move independent to the background.
  • There is animated mist from the (static) waves crashing against the rocks, and green glowing magic emanating in a stream away from Thresh's lantern, as well as a pulsating light in the middle of it.

Thresh stood on a rock off the coast of the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Isles.


Some in-game events have special backgrounds that appear on the Home tab during the event's run in place of the regional ones.

Spirit Blossom

Spirit Blossom Festival.

Spirit Blossom Festival.