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High Silvermere, the City of Raptors, is a large city located in the Rocky Highlands of northern Demacia.


High Silvermere map.jpg

It is known as the City of Raptors, due to its large native population of silverwing raptors. The original Crownguard family mansion is located in High Silvermere, at the foot of Knight's Rock.

Champions of High Silvermere

Other Related Champions

  • Kayle's Kayle's epic poem are housed in the Crownguard family library. It is the place where she started her Order of Judicators.
  • Morgana's Morgana's epic poem are housed in the Crownguard family library.


  • Knight's Rock: A rocky mount at the edge of a waterfall.
    • House Crownguard Mansion: The main home of the Crownguard family.
    • Raptor Aerie: Located on the top of Knight's Rock, the Aerie is the headquarters of the Raptor-Knights and their mounts.


Silverwing Raptors

For Little Legend, see Silverwing

Griffin-like creatures native to the high crags of northern Demacia, raptors are rare and voracious predators known to attack lone farmers, and occasionally even armed convoys of soldiers Nevertheless, particularly exceptional individuals have made an art of building rapport with these noble beasts, forging such a bond that the raptor may permit itself to be ridden. These riders serve in the Demacian military, scouting ahead or harassing the enemy advance. The young young raptors egg hatchlings have yellow and light blue feathers, growing into their signature silvery hue with maturity maturity.



Canticle Of The Winged Sisters


Noble Houses

As a monarchy, Demacia is governed by various royal families, regulating the nation primarily as members of the Demacian Council. While many of the Noble Houses have ruled for generations, they are treated as any other citizen under the nation's strict laws and are not exempt from them. They may even be treated more harshly under the law as they are meant to serve as shining examples of how Demacian citizens should conduct themselves, publicly and privately.

Noble House Members Crest
Crownguard Fossian, Pieter, Augatha, Tianna Tianna, Garen Garen, Luxanna Luxanna:
A paragon family of Demacian service. Crownguard is an honorific given to the family charged with protecting the king.
Crownguard House Crest.png


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