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Hexplorer is a series of alternate future/universe skins in Wild Rift icon.png League of Legends: Wild Rift. Set in a world where champions are hexplorers.


  • Hexplorer Galio Hexplorer Galio
    Confronted by impending doom while on a company expedition, Hexplorers quickly fashioned a hextech battery and combined it with a stone colossus in a last ditch effort to survive. Miraculously, the magical device imbued the guardian known as Galio with life! Now, he joins other Hexplorers on their exploits, savoring his role as both their bulwark and a fellow adventurer.
  • Hexplorer Jax Hexplorer Jax
    A master of Hexploration, Jax travels light so he can load up his pack with “artifacts” from “ancient cities.” Yet, nobody has ever heard of these civilizations before, and some of the technology he brings back seems curiously advanced...
  • Hexplorer Shyvana Hexplorer Shyvana
    Discovered as an egg on a company expedition many years ago, Shyvana was a truly rare find, hatching and eventually joining their ranks as an explorer. Nobody can sniff out loot quite like Shyvana-just don't expect her to share it.
  • Hexplorer Teemo Hexplorer Teemo
    A Hexploration scout who sniffs out hidden dangers in the paths of his fellows, Teemo is searching for both adventure and his next merit badge. He's picked up a few curious objects along the way, from a half-immolated cowboy hat to a whispering, possibly evil deer skull.
  • Hexplorer Tristana Hexplorer Tristana
    Tristana is always at the head of the most dangerous Hexplorations, delving into the deadliest ruins on the continent in search of artifacts from distant places and times. She's particulary fond of collecting these glowy metal things with a triangle logo... whatever that is


  • Hexplorer is a skin line exclusive to Wild Rift.
    • The skins are only obtainable by reaching level 50 in the Wild Pass.
  • Hexplorer skinline bares similarities to the linkHextech (Universe) Hextech skinline.
  • Hexplorer Tristana Hexplorer Tristana could be seen within Hexplorer Teemo Hexplorer Teemo's splash art before her reveal in the 3rd Wild Pass.
  • The Hexplorers seem to exist in a Universe where elements from multiple Universes coexist.



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