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For the Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift item, see Hexdrinker Hexdrinker.

Hexdrinker is an epic item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends.


Hexdrinker item.png
1300 Gold 1300 (500 Gold 500)

Builds Into

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Passive Gold Value

  • 110-280 health (as shield against magic damage) = from 293.33337 Gold 293.33337 up to 746.66676 Gold 746.66676

Gold efficiency

  • Hexdrinker's Hexdrinker's base stats are 115.77% gold efficient.
  • When triggering the passive shield, Hexdrinker's gold efficiency gets increased by 22.56% to 57.44%.


  • Hexdrinker's Hexdrinker's passive interacts with itself, similar to Thornmail Thornmail. Given the lowest amount of magic resistance possible with this item (30 + 35 = 65), then the damage taken calculation (100 ÷ 165 = 0.606), then the raw damage conversion ([110~280] ÷ 0.606), the shield will absorb around 182 to 462 raw magic damage.
  • Lifeline will still trigger if damage is taken while below 30% of maximum health.
  • Nullifying Orb Nullifying Orb will always trigger before Lifeline when taking magic damage.


  • Hexdrinker's Hexdrinker's shield can help its wielder fight through otherwise lethal magic damage. This may take opponents by surprise, especially if the opponent tries for a risky burst kill but fails to penetrate the shield.
  • The shield's short duration challenges users to make the most of the moment. Try relying on the shield to see you though enough magic damage to ensure your own kill, or to make a grand escape.
    • Increasing magic resistance increases the total damage absorbed by decreasing magic damage taken; some consider this to be "indirect scaling."

Old icons



This item was present during the first stages of Alpha before being removed.

Hexdrinker (old) item.png
1300 Gold 1300 (485 Gold 485)
Builds Into

Patch History

  • Attack damage increased to 25 from 20.
  • Ranged role.png Ranged shield reduced to 82.5 − 210 (based on level) from 110 − 280 (based on level).
  • Updated icon.
  • Lifeline duration reduced to 3 seconds from 5.
  • Limited to 1 Lifeline item.
  • Bug Fix: The larger sphere from the passive buff now appears in the appropriate location.
  • Combine cost reduced to 500 Gold 500 from 665 Gold 665.
    • Total cost reduced to 1300 Gold 1300 from 1450 Gold 1450.
  • Attack damage reduced to 20 from 25.
  • Magic resistance increased to 35 from 30.
  • Shield strength changed to 110 − 280 (based on level) from 250 at all levels.
  • Magic resistance increased to 30 from 25. (undocumented)
  • Combine cost increased to 590 Gold 590 from 550 Gold 550.
    • Total cost unchanged.
  • Combine cost reduced to 550 Gold 550 from 585 Gold 585.
    • Total cost reduced to 1350 Gold 1350 from 1400 Gold 1400.
  • Magic resistance reduced to 25 from 30.
  • Now displays its cooldown on the item itself rather than with a buff.
  • Shield duration increased to 5 seconds from 3.
  • Shield refresh time increased to 60 seconds from 45.
V1.0.0.105 Added.
  • Recipe: Long Sword Long Sword + Long Sword Long Sword + Null-Magic Mantle Null-Magic Mantle + 570 Gold 570 = 1800 Gold 1800
  • Stats: +35 attack damage, +30 magic resistance
  • Unique passive: If you would take magic damage which would leave you at less than 30% of your maximum health, you gain a shield which absorbs 300 magic damage for 4 seconds. 45 second cooldown.


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