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Heavy Metal

By Jared Rosen

Heavy Metal is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a dystopian world where RiotCorp took over the world and people fight in company's corporate-sanctioned Rift Wars gladiatorial arenas to survive. Each champion is a futuristic arena fighter.


Full Metal
  • Jayce FullMetalCircle Full Metal Jayce
    Backed by RiotCorp as the Full Metal Fighting League's first corporately sanctioned champion, Jayce has dethroned Pantheon and won the hearts of audiences worldwide—especially those who realize they gain 15 Riot Points every time they cheer his cyclonic blasts.
  • Pantheon FullMetalCircle Full Metal Pantheon
    A former Full Metal Robot Fighting League champion (2x reign, 14 title defenses), Pantheon was forced to retire in disgrace after a scandal involving Targon Fabrications. Reemerging from retirement to face the chosen champion, Jayce, Pantheon may be damaged, but has found that revenge adequately charges his weapon systems.
  • Rammus FullMetalCircle Full Metal Rammus
    Those who make it to the Full Metal Robot Fighting League—the premier institution for gear-crunching, robot-on-robot violence—must often face off against the fearsome Full Metal Rammus. It is an initial rite of passage, faced by every contender-bot, that leaves entire arenas in tremors...
  • Viktor FullMachineCircle Full Machine Viktor
    Created from the same circuitry as the Full Metal champion, Jayce, Viktor was cast into the tunnels beneath the robot fighting arenas to serve as a janitoribot—while his twin was groomed for glory, simulcast en español. Upgrading himself with the cast-offs of the destroyed, he has sworn la venganza.
Other Contestants
  • Blitzcrank BoomBoomCircle Boom Boom Blitzcrank
    His fists are named “boom” and “boom,” proving that robots are a perfect facsimile of human life.
  • Nunu NunuBotCircle Nunu & Willump Bot
    In the year 20XX, RiotCorp rules the world with a cruel, robotic fist. Building his own battling best friend using code from a forgotten video game (and piles and piles of scrap!) a young mechanic competes in the company's corporate-sanctioned Rift Wars—for fame, glory, and [ERROR] [...] [TOWERDIVING!]



Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear - Login Screen

Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear - Login Screen

Nunu & Willump To Adventure! Champion Trailer - League of Legends

Nunu & Willump To Adventure! Champion Trailer - League of Legends

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