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For the champion statistic, see health.
Health bar guide.jpg

The health bar is a visual indicator that shows how much life a unit has.

Health bar frame

CC-Immune Health Bar.png
Invulnerable Health Bar.png
Untargetable Health Bar.png
  • A red frame signifies a unit is within the threshold for an Death from Below.png execution effect:
Execute Health Bar.png
  • A bluish-purple frame with cat ears signifies a unit is attached attached with Yuumi Yuumi:
Yuumi Health Bar.png
Objective Health Bar.png

State visual effects

State Image
Mega state Spell shield
Spell shield screenshot.png
Invulnerability screenshot.png
Invulnerability group screenshot.png
Mortality state Extra life
Extra life screenshot.png
Resurrection screenshot.png
Unkillable screenshot.png
Zombie state example.png
Mobility state Unstoppable
Unstoppable screenshot.png
Defensive windows state Armor shred
Armor shred screenshot.png
Magic resistance shred
Magic resistance shred screenshot.png
Resistances shred
Resistances shred screenshot.png
Armor up
Armor up screenshot.png
Resistances up
Resistances up screenshot.png

Other visual effects

Effect Image
Burst Damage
Damage taken.gif
Healing received.gif
Structure Death
Structure death.gif
Effect Image
Shield Normal
Shield screenshot.png
Physical Shield screenshot.png
Magic Shield screenshot.png
Grey health
Grey Health screenshot.png


  • The Armor up, Magic Resistance up, and Resistances up only indicate a temporary increase in Armor, Magic Resistance, or both, respectively.
  • The Armor up, Magic Resistance up, and Resistances up will only have a visible icon if, after the champion gains the temporary bonuses, the following equation is true.

  • Sources that provide temporary resistances, and can display The Armor up, Magic Resistance up, or Resistances up icons, will be added together for the purposes of determining if the icon will be visible.