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For the health relic on Howling Abyss, see Health Relic.
For the health relic on Twisted Treeline, see Ghost Relic.

A Health Relic

Health Relics are located throughout the Crystal Scar. They restore health and mana, energy or fury. Any champion can pick up a health relic by walking over them.

Health relics spawn at 2:00 and respawn 33 seconds after being picked up.

Their number varies based on the gamemode played. There are 5 on Ascension, 7 on Definitely Not Dominion, and 10 on Dominion.


  • Restores health.
  • Champions with mana restore mana.
  • Champions with energy restore energy.
  • Champions with fury restore an amount that depends on the champion:


  • The heal counts as self-healing and is affected by healing bonuses and healing reduction.