The green health bar on top, and the blue mana bar at the bottom.

Health (also known as HP) is a stat referring to the amount of life a unit or structure has. Death occurs when health runs out with no outstanding effects to survive. Health passively regenerates over time with health regeneration and can be restored through healing, life steal and spell vamp.

Health is represented ingame by a green bar situated next to the blue mana bar, with a fraction reading the current amount of health over the maximum amount possible. Current health is directly reduced by damage, maximum health reduction is usually percentage-based and will take from current health to represent such effect.


Each segment of the health bar represents 100 health.

Every unit and structure has their health displayed as a bar above their models.

Every champion starts with a certain base health, which increases by a small amount at each level-up.

Maximum health can be increased with items, abilities and runes, it stacks additively, and each bonus point acquired directly affects its statistic.

Gold Value

  • Health has a gold value of Gold 2.67 per point.

Effective health

Effective burst health, commonly referred to just as effective health, describes the amount of raw burst damage a champion can receive before dying in such a short time span that they remain unaffected by any form of health restoration (even if the actual considered damage is of sustained form). It can however include any form of health gain (such as from NasusSquare Nasus' Fury of the Sands Fury of the Sands). Effective sustained health, on the other hand, would take into account also champion's health restoration.

Unless champion's resists aren't unnaturally reduced below zero, any effective health will always be more than or equal to a champion's displayed health in their health bar and it can be increased by buying items with extra health, armor and magic resistance.

Depending on the type of damage taken, we can also speak of physical effective health, magical effective health or mixed effective health. Depending on a behavior of such source of damage it is also possible to speak of effective health relative to given subject/source of damage, for example magical effective health versus poke. Many poke team compositions with mixed overall damage usually heavily rely on a poke consisting of prevalent magic damage. Maximizing primarily magical effective health thus might be a valuable counterstrategy to weaken their poking phase as teamfight initiation relies upon it.

Effective health is a measure of the durability of a champion, taking into account their health as well as their armor and magic resistance. 'Sheer' forms of effective health are defined as health plus 1% of health for every point of armor (or magic resistance). Contrary to their simple formulas, mixed effective health uses a bit more complex one. Because of this, mixed effective health is always subject to the damage source and the proportions between particular three damage composites (with pure damage being regarded as true damage). The formulae are as follows:

  • physical effective health =  health  × (1 + 0.01 × armor)
  • magical effective health =  health  × (1 + 0.01 × MR)
  • The formula for mixed effective health can be simply derived from the effective health : nominal health ratio which is always the same as ratio of damage dealt : damage taken (after application of resists):

$ \pagecolor{Black}\color{White}{\rm mixed\ effective\ health}={\it HP}\times{ {physical\ damage+true\ damage+magic\ damage}\over{ {physical\ damage\over{1+0.01\times{\it armor} } }+true\ damage+{magic\ damage\over{1+0.01\times{\it MR} } } } } $

Note: One can include the penetrations in all of the above ideas by replacing penetration with a due amount of corresponding negative resist.

Physical effective health and magical effective health are effective against physical damage and magic damage, respectively. They correspond to the amount of damage that an enemy champion must output (not the amount you must take) to bring your health to 0.

Example: If you have 1000 health, then purchasing 90 armor will raise your physical effective health to 1900. Enemies will have to output 90% more physical damage than usual to kill you.

Health as a casting resource

A few champions also use their own health to cast abilities instead of mana:

Champions abilities


SionSquare Sion's Glory in Death Glory in Death acts as a health cost that is additionally not negated by Cosmic Radiance invulnerability effects.

Health as scaling

Personal health

These use the champion's personal health pool to increase the magnitude of the ability. It may scale based on total health or only bonus health. By building health items you can receive more benefit and power from these abilities in most situations.

Maximum health

Missing health

Bonus health


Scaling from enemy health

Maximum health

These abilities grant extra damage based on the target's maximum health, to scale against higher health enemies. This type of extra damage is usually capped against minions and monsters to prevent players dealing massive damage to high health pool monsters like Baron NashorSquare Baron.

Current health

These abilities grant extra damage based on the target's current health. Typically, the more current health the target has, the more damage these abilities will deal. Building additional maximum health can reduce the effect of skills based on current health over a long fight, but has quickly diminishing returns.

Missing health

These abilities grant extra damage based on the target's missing health. The less current the target has (can be either a flat or percentage amount), the more damage these abilities will deal. These are often referred as "execute" abilities, as they work best on nearly dead targets.

Bonus health

These abilities grant extra damage based on the target's bonus health. Typically, the more bonus health the target has, the more damage these abilities will deal. Therefore, they are more powerful against tanks with a lot of health.



Neutral buffs

Increasing health


Item Cost Amount Availability
Abyssal Mask item Abyssal Mask3000 Gold350All maps
Adaptive Helm item Adaptive Helm2800 Gold350All maps
Bami's Cinder item Bami's Cinder900 Gold200All maps
Catalyst of Aeons item Catalyst of Aeons1100 Gold225All maps
Celestial Eye item Celestial Eye850 Gold125Summoner's Rift
Juggernaut item Cinderhulk2500 Gold300Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, Nexus Blitz
Crystalline Bracer item Crystalline Bracer650 Gold200All maps
Dead Man's Plate item Dead Man's Plate2900 Gold425All maps
Doran's Blade item Doran's Blade450 Gold80Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
Doran's Ring item Doran's Ring400 Gold60Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
Doran's Shield item Doran's Shield450 Gold80Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
Edge of Night item Edge of Night3000 Gold250All maps
Eye of Ascension item Eye of Ascension1500 Gold200Summoner's Rift
Eye of the Aspect item Eye of the Aspect1800 Gold350Summoner's Rift
Eye of the Watchers item Eye of the Watchers1800 Gold200Summoner's Rift
Forgefire Cape item Forgefire Cape2750 Gold750All maps
Frozen Mallet item Frozen Mallet3100 Gold700All maps
Giant's Belt item Giant's Belt1000 Gold380All maps
Guardian's Hammer item Guardian's Hammer950 Gold150Howling Abyss
Guardian's Horn item Guardian's Horn950 Gold150Howling Abyss
Orb of Winter item Guardian's Orb950 Gold150Howling Abyss
Haunting Guise item Haunting Guise1500 Gold200All maps
Hextech Protobelt-01 item Hextech Protobelt-012500 Gold300All maps
Infernal Mask item Infernal Mask3000 Gold750All maps
Jaurim's Fist item Jaurim's Fist1200 Gold200All maps
Kindlegem item Kindlegem800 Gold200All maps
Knight's Vow item Knight's Vow2200 Gold250All maps
Liandry's Torment item Liandry's Torment3100 Gold300All maps
Lord Van Damm's Pillager item Lord Van Damm's Pillager3000 Gold300Twisted Treeline
Morellonomicon item Morellonomicon3000 Gold300All maps
Murksphere item Oblivion Orb1600 Gold200All maps
Ohmwrecker item Ohmwrecker2650 Gold300Summoner's Rift, Nexus Blitz
Phage item Phage1250 Gold200All maps
Randuin's Omen item Randuin's Omen2900 Gold400All maps
Redemption item Redemption2100 Gold200All maps
Relic Shield item Relic Shield400 Gold50Summoner's Rift
Remnant of the Ascended item Remnant of the Ascended1500 Gold200Summoner's Rift
Remnant of the Aspect item Remnant of the Aspect1800 Gold350Summoner's Rift
Remnant of the Watchers item Remnant of the Watchers1800 Gold200Summoner's Rift
Righteous Glory item Righteous Glory2650 Gold400All maps
Rod of Ages item Rod of Ages2600 Gold300Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
Rod of Ages (Crystal Scar) item Rod of Ages (Quick Charge)2600 Gold300Howling Abyss, Nexus Blitz
Ruby Crystal item Ruby Crystal400 Gold150All maps
Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Rylai's Crystal Scepter2600 Gold300All maps
Salvation item Salvation2100 Gold300All maps
Shurelya's Reverie item Shurelya's Reverie2250 Gold200Summoner's Rift, Howling Abyss, Nexus Blitz
Spear of Shojin item Spear of Shojin3400 Gold250All maps
Spectre's Cowl item Spectre's Cowl1200 Gold250All maps
Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage2800 Gold450All maps
Sterak's Gage item Sterak's Gage3200 Gold450All maps
Sunfire Cape item Sunfire Cape2750 Gold425All maps
Targon's Brace item Targon's Brace850 Gold125Summoner's Rift
The Black Cleaver item The Black Cleaver3000 Gold400All maps
The Obsidian Cleaver item The Obsidian Cleaver3000 Gold550All maps
Thornmail item Thornmail2900 Gold250All maps
Face of the Mountain item Timeworn Face of the Mountain2100 Gold300Twisted Treeline
Relic Shield item Timeworn Relic Shield400 Gold50Twisted Treeline
Targon's Brace item Timeworn Targon's Brace850 Gold125Twisted Treeline
Titanic Hydra item Titanic Hydra3500 Gold450All maps
Trinity Force item Trinity Force3733 Gold250All maps
Trinity Fusion item Trinity Fusion3733 Gold350All maps
Warmog's Armor item Warmog's Armor2850 Gold800All maps

Champion abilities


Decreasing health

Champion abilities

List of champions' health

Champions with the lowest or highest health before items, runes, or abilities
Champion Level Top 5 champions Bottom 5 champions
Level 1 1. TryndamereSquare Tryndamere 625.64 health 1. KledSquare Kled 400 health
2. GarenSquare Garen
2. TrundleSquare Trundle
616.28 health 2. YuumiSquare Yuumi
2. AniviaSquare Anivia
480 health
3. ZacSquare Zac 615 health 3. CaitlynSquare Caitlyn 481 health
4. AmumuSquare Amumu 613.12 health 4. SonaSquare Sona 482.36 health
5. SingedSquare Singed 610 health 5. HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger 488 health
Level 18 1. GalioSquare Galio 2466 health 1. KledSquare Kled 1420 health
2. AlistarSquare Alistar 2375.36 health 2. GnarSquare Gnar 1615 health
3. Tahm KenchSquare Tahm Kench
3. PykeSquare Pyke
2300 health 3. YuumiSquare Yuumi 1670 health
4. TryndamereSquare Tryndamere 2291.64 health 4. JannaSquare Janna 1690 health
5. DariusSquare Darius 2282.24 health 5. NamiSquare Nami 1747.32 health


Last updated: February 27, 2018, patch V8.4

Without using Grasp of the Undying rune Grasp of the Undying, Overgrowth rune Overgrowth, Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath's Feast Feast, SionSquare Sion's Soul Furnace Soul Furnace or VladimirSquare Vladimir with Gathering Storm rune Gathering Storm which potentially allow for infinite amounts of health, the largest amount of health is reached with a level 18 NunuSquare Nunu at 31834.35654 health.

  • NunuSquare Nunu's health:
    • Items: = Warmog's Armor item 800 × 4 + Juggernaut item 300 = 3500 health
    • Runes: = Inspiration icon 145 + Travel Size Elixir of Iron item 150 = 295 health
    • Buffs = Wild Growth 1831.917 + Elixir of Iron item 300 = 2131.917 health
    • Maximum Health Multiplier = 1 + Consume 0.1 + Gargoyle Stoneplate item 1 = 2.1
    • Bonus Health Multiplier = 1 + Juggernaut item 0.2 + Gargoyle Stoneplate item 1 = 2.2
      • NunuSquare Nunu's health = (2120 + (295 + 3500 + 2131.917) × 2.2) × 2.1 = 31834.35654 health

Last updated: February 27, 2018, patch V8.4

The most health any champion can obtain at level 1 with the Gold 500 is 1138.5, again being NunuSquare Nunu. This applies only if it is possible to get level 1 a Travel Size Elixir of Iron item Travel Size Elixir of Iron through Kleptomancy rune Kleptomancy.

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