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  • Brand ZombieCircle Zombie Brand
    Before the mutagenic outbreak, Brand was a leading military scientist, responsible for the development of a powerful virus deep within a government compound. But the same government who elevated him among his peers suddenly cut his funding, forcing Brand to test the mutagen on himself… with disastrous results.
  • Nunu ZombieCircle Zombie Nunu
    What was once a pair of young friends has been twisted by a virus unwittingly loosed upon the world, transforming them into a slavering, parasitic time bomb packed with enough raw mutagen to infect every survivor five times over. Whoever they were before is lost now—another casualty of a world gone mad.
  • Ryze ZombieCircle Zombie Ryze
    Obsessed with discovering the cure for a mutagenic virus that had ravaged the population, Ryze scoured the globe for every shred of esoteric medical research he could find—getting tantalizingly close to his goal before succumbing to the very mutation he was trying to eradicate.
  • Jinx ZombieSlayerCircle Zombie Slayer Jinx
    When a mutagenic virus turned the world into an undead purgatory, no one was more excited than Jinx. No laws, no civilization, not even a thin veneer of polite society had survived—just a numberless horde of slime-vomiting bullet sponges and all the ammo she can forage. It's paradise.
  • Pantheon ZombieSlayerCircle Zombie Slayer Pantheon
    A former mechanic at the same auto body shop Jinx once worked at, Pantheon dreamed of switching careers… until a mutagenic virus turned everyone else into zombies. Slicing monsters in half with a chainsaw-spear is way more fun than replacing windshield wipers, anyway.


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Slayer Jinx - Login Screen

Slayer Jinx - Login Screen

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