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Harrowing Crescent (League of Legends)Harrowing Crescent (League of Legends)
Harrowing Crescent (Wild Rift)Harrowing Crescent (Wild Rift)
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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

  • This item has been removed on patch V14.1.

Harrowing Crescent was an epic item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. It was exclusive to Summoner's Rift icon Classic Summoner's Rift 5v5.


Harrowing Crescent item
Harrowing Crescent
400 Gold 400 (Special)

Cost Analysis

Gold efficiency
  • Harrowing Crescent's Harrowing Crescent's base stats were <span class="basic-tooltip" style="border-bottom:1px dotted gray;cursor:help;" title="Expression error: Unexpected < operator.">Expression error: Missing operand for /.% gold efficient.
  • Consuming 3 charges within every 30 seconds causes Tribute to grant 20 Gold 20 per 10 seconds.
    • Along with the 2 Gold 2 per 10 seconds stat, this increases to 23 Gold 23 per 10 seconds.

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  • Tribute can trigger even if the allied champion nearby is dead.
  • Quest's reward is only granted if the user has not been in combat within the last 5 seconds.
    • Completing the Quest only grants 1 charge for Warding. Visiting the shop is required to refill the charges.
  • "Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills":
    • Before 5 minutes, increasing your creep score by 10 or more (from killing minions) in the last 5 minutes reduces gold Gold gold from minion kills by 80%.
      • After 5 minutes, the limit is increased to 20 creep score and gold Gold gold from minion kills is instead reduced by 50% − 80% (based on creep score).


Old icons


  • The amount of gold gained with the item is indicated in-game by the Gold Quest Gold Quest tooltip.
  • Frostfang Frostfang, Harrowing Crescent Harrowing Crescent, Runesteel Spaulders Runesteel Spaulders, and Targon's Buckler Targon's Buckler are a set of items available since Season Ten that were designed for Support icon Support.
  • Completing the quest send the following chat message to the team: "Summoner (Champion) Quest Complete! Completion Time: XX:XX".
Shadow Isles Crest icon


Sound Effects

Quest Complete

Patch History

V14.1 - Removed
  • Tribute recharge timer increased to 12 seconds from 10.
  • New Effect: For the first 5 minutes of the game, the minion farming penalty is increased: Farming more than 10 CS per 5 minutes reduces gold from minions by 80%. After 5:00, the minion farming penalty remains at: Farming more than 20 CS per 5 minutes reduces gold from minions by 50% − 80% (based on CS).
    • This farming penalty is applied before the 10 flat reduced gold from mid lane siege minions before 14:00.
  • Updated icon.
  • Tribute gold generated increased to 20 Gold 20 from 15 Gold 15.
  • Unique active renamed to Ward from Warding.
  • Limited to 1 Support or Jungle item.
  • Bug Fix: When attempting to place a fourth ward on the map, the mini-map now properly indicates which of the first three wards will be replaced.
  • New Effect: Now requires an ally champion (alive or dead) within 2000 units in order to trigger Tribute.
  • Bug Fix: Wards now properly show their vision range indicator.
  • Bug Fix: Completing the quest and then selling the item to repurchase a different support item will no longer automatically complete the quest for that second support item.
  • New Effect: Now grants 50% base mana regeneration.
V9.23 - Added
  • Cost: 400 Gold 400, upgrades from Spectral Sickle Spectral Sickle.
  • Stats: 10 attack damage, 60 health, 3 Gold 3 per 10 seconds.
  • Unique Passive - Tribute: Grants a charge every 10 seconds, up to 3 charges. Damaging abilities and attacks against champions and buildings consume a charge, up to one per attack or cast. Consuming a charge grants 15 Gold 15. Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills.
  • Quest: Earn 500 Gold 500 using this item to upgrade to Black Mist Scythe Black Mist Scythe, increasing the Warding active to instead have 4 wards in stock.
  • Unique Active - Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward icon Stealth Ward at the target location (600 range), which reveals the surrounding area. Holds up to 3 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.
  • Limitations: Limited to 1 Jungle or Gold Income item.


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