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For the Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra card, see LoR Spell Slow Indicator.png9 The Harrowing (Legends of Runeterra).
For the in-universe event, see Harrowing.

The Harrowing

The Harrowing is an event to commemorate Halloween festivities in the world of Valoran. It introduced a few temporary cosmetic changes to the game (items, maps), and some Limited Edition skins and runes. The event started on October 18 and culminated on October 31st, 2010. In 2011, there was another Harrowing which lasted from October 19 to October 31.

The Harrowing in lore is a Shadow Isles event where the Black Mist strikes living lands to gather more souls into its Mist.


Goodbye, Friend! Emote.png
"Are we done in this reality yet? Hello? Hellooo?"
This story is no longer considered to be main lore canon, but exists here for historical purposes.

The Harrowing event for 2013

Each calendar year, the celestial bodies of Runeterra align in a particular astronomical event. This lengthy occasion - beginning with a partial eclipse on the 18th of October and culminating in a full solar eclipse on the 31st of October - is of one of the most significant holidays in Valoran. The alignment occurs annually around the time of the harvest, and is known as the Harrowing due to its dusky setting. For obvious reasons, the occasion is marked by superstitions surrounding the world's dark denizens, creepy crawlies, and things that generally go bump in the night.

While rural folks still believe that this is a time of great foreboding, most of Valoran has taken to commemorating the Harrowing through a bit of good, clean fun. Citizens of the city-states don monstrous costumes and exchange holiday sweets with one another as part of the revelry. Large costume parties, where patrons wear either light or dark costumes (with the intention of either warding off or confusing evil) are quite popular, and those of opposite colors are encouraged to exchange gifts with one another. However they're celebrating, all across Valoran, spirits are as high as the night is long.

Champion Skins

Harrowing champion skins have been released for a various League favorites since 2010. The first groups of Harrowing skins began as limited edition only, meaning once they left the store they were not coming back in the future. More recently Harrowing skins have been made Legacy, meaning after they leave the store at the end of the event there is a chance they might come back in the future for a limited time.

Limited Skins to Legacy

From League of Legends's dramatic increase in its community, the harrowing skins that were originally released as limited edition were changed to Legacy skins in October 2013 and put back on sale during the year's holiday event. Riot stated that the

... overwhelming player feedback has been that this creates an extremely negative experience for players who cannot acquire their favorite skin for their favorite champion. We believe that skins should be more about self-expression and fun than exclusivity, so we are rereleasing them in a limited way
Harrowing 2013 FAQ

Exclusive icon

Veteran Player Compensation

As the value of exclusivity will lower in the process of bringing back the limited edition skins, Riot is giving compensation to the veteran players that originally bought the holiday skins in 2010 and 2011. They are gifting RP RP RP equal to the cost of the skins they purchased, giving Vintage treatment to the loading screen of those Harrowing skins as well as an giving those players an exclusive summoner icon. For more information please check out Riot's plan for vintage Limited Edition skins post.

Harrowing Skins

The Harrowing login screen for 2010.

  • 2010 Harrowing (Legacy)

The Harrowing login screen for 2011.

  • 2011 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2012 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2013 Harrowing (Permanent)
  • 2014 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2015 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2016 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2017 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2018 Harrowing (Legacy)
  • 2019 Harrowing
  • 2020 Harrowing (Legacy)

Twisted Treeline Remake

In 2012, Riot combined the remake of the Twisted Treeline map with their Harrowing event and a set of skins were released to celebrate the new and mysterious battlefield of the Shadow Isles.


Minions decorated as witches and wizards

Harrowing events in the past have included, but are not limited to:

  • Some sinfully sweet editions of your favorite in-game consumables
  • A sinister overhaul of Summoner's Rift featuring a more nocturnal motif
  • Limited edition Holiday Runes
  • Sinister Summoner icons to show off to your friends and in your loading screens
  • Ward skins for the baleful holiday if you need extra vision
  • Frighteningly festive costumes for your minions
  • A terrifying new login screen to get you in the mood


Some items received a new temporary icon to celebrate the festivities:


Summoner's Rift artwork during the 2010 Harrowing.

Summoner's Rift was replaced with a seasonal variant that includes many Harrowing holiday elements. It also contains Easter Eggs:

  • To the right of the blue team's top tower is a blue slab surrounded by green smoke. Urf the Manatee's Urf the Manatee's Ghost (complete with name and description) will appear when a Champion stands near the gravestone.[1]
  • Bringing Warwick Warwick over in the Urf skin prompts Urf's Ghost to throw his spatula at Warwick and shake his head, as seen here
  • The extreme lower right has 3 coffins, containing the rumoured heroes Averdrian Averdrian, Plant King Plant King, and the Voodoo Shaman Voodoo Shaman. This could be interpreted as a "nail-in-the-coffin" confirming their cancellation.[2]


6 special holiday runes were released and they were only available from October 18 to 31.These runes can be located in the Tier 2 section of the store. All of them however were Tier 2.5 Quintessences:

  • QuintessenceofthePiercingScreech.png Quintessence of the Piercing Screech (Tier 2.5, +1.75 Magic Penetration)
  • QuintessenceofBountifulTreats.png Quintessence of Bountiful Treats (Tier 2.5, +24 Health)
  • QuintessenceoftheSpeedySpecter.png Quintessence of the Speedy Specter (Tier 2.5, +1.39% Movement Speed)
  • QuintessenceoftheElusiveWerewolf.png Quintessence of the Elusive Werewolf (Tier 2.5, +1.39% Dodge)
  • QuintessenceoftheWitchesBrew.png Quintessence of the Witches Brew (Tier 2.5, +4.56 Ability Power)
  • QuintessenceofUnknown.png Quintessence of the Headless Horseman (Tier 2.5, +3.08 Armor Penetration)

Summoner Icons

The Harrowing events of 2012 and 2013 introduced new Summoner Icons that a summoner could earn in celebration of the sinister holiday.[3]

Ward Skins

The first ward skins ever to be introduced to League of Legends was during the 2012 Harrowing event. During this event you were able to rent ward skins for a small amount of RP RP RP or IP Influence Point IP.

During the Harrowing of 2013, these five ward skins are made available again. They are free to use during the holiday event and are also purchasable until the event is over for RP RP 640 for permanent warding.[4]


Game Modes

Doom Bots art.jpg

Sacrifice minions to the dark yordle by November 3, 2016 at 23:59 PT and earn the Doomed Minion Icon. Please allow up to two weeks after this date for the Doomed Minion Icon to appear in your account.

Begin the Ritual

The Teemoing

It is whispered that when the moon rises red and the winds dare not breathe, we will know our darkest hour. For in that time, spellbound minions march to their demise, pulled by the sinister strings of witchcraft. Their lost souls fuel an unspeakable horror; for once he is summoned.... skies help us all.


The End Is Nigh!!! The Teemoing Skins Trailer - League of Legends

The Doom Bots of Doom mode old.jpg

Doom Bots of Doom

October 20, 2016 - November 3, 2016 Team up to overcome the cursed Doom Bots of Doom and their evil overlord before everything you love and cherish is DOOMED! Survive the mayhem… but beware what levels lie ahead. There’s no telling* how long you’ll postpone your inevitable demise, but any players who defeat a Doom Bots level will earn the Little Devil Teemo Icon for all eternity.**

  • Seriously, we don’t have any idea how far you’ll get.
    • Players who abandon the game will forfeit their icon. Icon will appear in your account up to one week after defeating Doom Bot mode.


  • Harrowing event skins were also released along side Academy, Cops and Robbers, Definitely Not, Demonic, and Sugar Rush themed skins, however these themes has since deviated from the Harrowing theme into their own separate thematics.


<gallery mode="slideshow" mode="slideshow" type="slideshow" position="center" widths="600" crop="true"> Morgana BewitchingSkin.jpg|Bewitching Morgana Teemo LittleDevilSkin.jpg|Little Devil Teemo Tristana BewitchingSkin.jpg|Bewitching Tristana


<gallery mode="slideshow" mode="slideshow" type="slideshow" position="center" widths="600" crop="true"> Katarina DeathSwornSkin.jpg|Death Sworn Katarina Viktor DeathSwornSkin.jpg|Death Sworn Viktor Zed DeathSwornSkin.jpg|Death Sworn Zed


<gallery mode="slideshow" mode="slideshow" type="slideshow" position="center" widths="600" crop="true"> Ekko TrickorTreatSkin.jpg|Trick or Treat Ekko Janna BewitchingSkin.jpg|Bewitching Janna Kled CountKledulaSkin.jpg|Count Kledula


<gallery mode="slideshow" mode="slideshow" type="slideshow" position="center" widths="600" crop="true"> Blitzcrank Witch'sBrewSkin.jpg|Witch's Brew Blitzcrank Kassadin CountSkin.jpg|Count Kassadin Miss Fortune BewitchingSkin.jpg|Bewitching Miss Fortune Miss Fortune PrestigeBewitchingSkin.jpg|Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition



Login Screens

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