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This article has recently been converted to the new character-focused layout but it needs a lore enthusiast to help fill-out the sections. In addition, 'Relations trivia' and 'Lore trivia' have been moved here but need restructuring into article content - lore is no longer trivia.

If you're eagar to help but would like to reference a completed character article: Aurelion Sol, Soraka, Jinx and Viego are excellent.

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A former doll transformed and brought to life by magic, Gwen wields the very tools that once created her. She carries the weight of her maker’s maker’s love with every step, taking nothing for granted. At her command is the Hallowed Mist, an ancient and protective magic that has blessed Gwen’s scissors, needles, and sewing thread. So much is new to her, but Gwen remains joyfully determined to fight for the good that survives in a broken world.

Gwen OriginalSquare.png"The wind at my back feels so good. I can’t lose this. I won’t."  Gwen
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Contemporary history

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  • Gwen was created by Isolde Isolde, Viego's Viego's wife. After being brought to life, Gwen uses Isolde's tools.
    • Gwen contains a fragment of Isolde's soul, like Senna Senna.
    • Gwen is travels across Runeterra to fight Viego Viego and the Mist as well as to help people in need.

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Starring Champion

Akshan Graves Lucian Senna Vayne Absolution.png

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Absolution (Cinematic)

Two souls entwined by fate. One life for the other’s freedom.

Gwen Made with Love.png

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Made with Love

Once upon a time, a seamstress made a darling little doll. This doll loved her maker very much, but sadly, tragedy ripped them apart, sending the doll to sink beneath sea and sorrow. Centuries passed, but the doll was not deterred, for she knew love would find her again.

Roots of Ruin.jpg

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Short Story

Roots of Ruin

By Numerous creators

The end began with one man.

Gwen The Stranger Who Sews.jpg

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Short Story

The Stranger Who Sews

By Michael Luo

Under the setting sun, hidden behind a dense thicket, a young lady stands with large black bows in her silvery blue hair, complimented by golden ornaments and an elegantly tailored dress.

Alternate Universes


  • Gwen was created somewhere between around 1050 and 1026 years ago, when Isolde was a young girl who dreamed of traveling the kingdom. In an attempt to play out this life, Islode created her own princess doll that she imagined was the picture of regal elegance. The doll's dress was crafted to match the intricate designs on the Camavoran warships. Gwen sounded perfectly royal for a name.[2]
  • Gwen's biggest fear is death, now that she has begun to experience life.[3]
  • Gwen can magically change the size of her scissors at will to be any size she wants.[4]
  • Gwen was brought to life shortly after the events of Ruination.[3]
  • Gwen was happy for Isolde when her relationship with Viego was good, but when it turned bad, she felt her pain on a deep level.[5]
  • Gwen's weapons are similar in style to relic weapons, as they have the power to destroy wraiths.
  • Gwen also wields pure mist, which can hide people from Wraiths and protect against the Harrowing.

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