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Guardian's Horn is a starter item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold efficiency

  • Guardian's Horn's Guardian's Horn's base stats are 117.89% gold efficient.

Similar items


  • Undaunted's flat damage reduction is calculated based on the pre-mitigation damage dealt to the user.

Map-Specific Differences

Arena icon Arena differences edit
  • Health changed to 300.
  • Flat champion damage reduction changed to 12.

Old icons


  • Guardian's Horn Guardian's Horn is Doran's Shield's Doran's Shield's Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss counterpart.
  • This item belongs to Gregor.
  • Can be found in the shop by searching for "The Golden Bicep of Kobe", this is a reference to LCS caster Kobe mistaking the icon for a bicep.
  • The health regen per 5 seconds stat is listed under a passive named Recovery in the in-game tooltip.
Freljord Crest icon

Patch History

  • Undocumented / Removed Unique Passive - Legendary: This item counts as a Legendary item.
  • Available on Arena on July 20th, 2023 (1 PM PST).
    • Cost: 1000 Gold 1000.
    • Stats: 200 health, 20 health per 5 seconds.
    • Unique Passive - Undaunted: Reduces all sources of incoming champion damage by 15 (3.75 against damage over time abilities).
    • Unique Passive - Legendary: This item counts as a Legendary item.
  • Updated icon.
  • New Effect: Tooltip now tracks damage blocked by passive.
  • Damage-blocking passive:
    • Damage blocked increased to 15 from 12.
    • Is now named Undaunted.
  • Passive health regeneration is now named Recovery.
  • New Unique Passive - Legendary: This item counts as a Legendary item.
  • Now sells for 70% of its cost instead of 40%.
  • Limited to 1 Guardian item.
  • New Effect: Damage reduction now behaves consistently against all DoT abilities.
  • Reworked
    • New Effect: Cannot purchase more than one Guardian's item.
    • Tier: Basic item.
    • Cost: 950 Gold 950.
    • Stats: +150 health, +20 health per 5 seconds.
    • Unique Passive: Blocks 12 damage from all champion sources (3 damage vs. damage over time abilities).
    • Availability: Howling Abyss
  • Total cost reduced to 1000 Gold 1000 from 1015 Gold 1015.
    • Combine cost increased to 450 Gold 450 from 435 Gold 435.
  • Total cost reduced to 1015 Gold 1015 from 1025 Gold 1025.
    • Combine cost reduced to 435 Gold 435 from 445 Gold 445.
  • Health increased to 200 from 180.
  • Health regeneration increased to 125% from 100%.
  • Easter Egg: Can now be found by searching for 'Golden Arm of Kobe', 'Golden Bicep of Kobe', 'Horn of the ManWolf', or 'ManWolf'.
  • Health regeneration changed to 100% base health regen from 12 health regen.
  • Combine cost increased to 445 Gold 445 from 370 Gold 370.
    • Total cost unchanged.
  • Added
    • Recipe: Rejuvenation Bead Rejuvenation Bead + Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal + 370 Gold 370 = 1025 Gold 1025.
    • Stats: +180 health, +12 health regeneration.
    • Unique Passive: Nearby enemy spell casts reduce the cooldown of Battle Cry by 1 second.
    • Unique Active - Battle Cry: Gain 30% movement speed, 20 armor and 20 magic resistance for 3 seconds (25 second cooldown).
    • Availability: Howling Abyss


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