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Grievous Wounds icon.png Grievous Wounds is a debuff that reduces all Heal power icon.png healing received by 40% or 60%.


Champion abilities


Summoner Spells


  • Hybrid resistances icon.png Shields are a way of temporarily adding health to a champion that is not reduced by Grievous Wounds.
  • A champion debuffed by Grievous Wounds has the icon on top of them.
    • The size of the icon is bigger based on the percentage application (60% has a much larger icon than the icon for 40%).
  • Grievous Wounds does not stack; the duration of the Malefic Visions.png debuff will overlap on separate effects and refresh on the same effect, while prioritizing the most potent application.
Type Heal and shield power icon.png Heal and Shield Power Spirit Visage Spirit Visage Revitalize Revitalize* Grievous Wounds icon.png Grievous Wounds
Health regeneration icon.png Health regeneration Not Owned Owned Not Owned Owned
Life steal icon.png Life steal Not Owned Owned Owned Owned
Omnivamp icon.png Omnivamp Owned Owned Owned Owned
Life steal icon.png Physical vamp Owned Owned Owned Owned
Ravenous Hunter rune.png Drain effects Owned Owned Owned Owned
Self heals Owned Owned Owned Owned
Self shields Owned Owned Owned Not Owned
Incoming heals Not Owned Owned Owned Owned
Incoming shields Not Owned Owned Owned Not Owned
Outgoing heals Owned Not Owned Owned Not Owned
Outgoing shields Owned Not Owned Owned Not Owned
Health icon.png Bonus health Not Owned Not Owned Not Owned Not Owned


  • Grievous Wounds is generally used to limit or minimize the healing, omnivamp, or Life steal icon.png life steal of one enemy champion ability such as Darius' Darius' Decimate Decimate, Renekton's Renekton's Cull the Meek Cull the Meek or Sylas' Sylas' Kingslayer Kingslayer. It can also weaken burst healing champions such as Aatrox Aatrox, Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo, Fiora Fiora, Swain Swain, Trundle Trundle, Vladimir VladimirWarwick Warwick, or Zac Zac.
    • Grievous Wounds isn't only useful against champions with in-built sustain. Some can build viable items or take runes that give them sustain, such as Ravenous Hydra Ravenous Hydra, Bloodthirster Bloodthirster, Conqueror Conqueror, or Legend: Bloodline Legend: Bloodline. Grievous Wounds is also useful against them. This is important to notice especially in situations where technically there are no champions with natural sustain on the enemy team, but they may own or have sources of bonus effects that would grant them sustain.
    • On the other hand, some champions only have sustain when out of combat. This includes Garen Garen, Tahm Kench Tahm Kench, and champions that build Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor. Grievous Wounds is not effective against those champions (as the debuff usually doesn't last long enough for it to have effect on them); the most effective way to prevent them from healing is to force them to stay in combat.
    • It is important to note that Grievous Wounds also affects healing from outside sources instead of just self-healing. This is especially important against Soraka Soraka, which can use Astral Infusion Astral Infusion to out-sustain her enemies, even if her allies don't have sustain themselves.
  • Grievous Wounds is dispelled by Sion's Sion's Glory in Death Glory in Death and Death.png death. It will however persist through Revival icon.png resurrection effects (e.g. Zilean's Zilean's Chronoshift Chronoshift, Guardian Angel Guardian Angel).


8-Bit Grievous Wounds.png

Patch History

  • Now affects healing from all sources instead of self-healing.
  • Now only affects self-healing from healing from all sources.
  • Healing reduction reduced to 40% from 50%.
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