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Gregor is the Blue Team's shopkeeper of the Howling Abyss.


The Viking.png


Upon Entering the Store

Upon Entering the Store with a Lot of Gold

While Browsing the Store

Upon Buying an Item

Upon Buying Frost Queen's Claim Frost Queen's Claim
Upon Buying Frozen Mallet Frozen Mallet
Upon Buying Seeker's Armguard Seeker's Armguard

Upon Leaving the Store

Upon Leaving the Store Without Buying an Item
Upon Repeatedly Leaving and Reentering the Store

While Idling Near the Store

  •     "I am Gregor, the eternal guardian of the Howling Abyss! Avarosa herself killed me; it was a great honor. She bound my spirit here, so I can sound the horn if the Watchers return."
  •     "So you want to hear the story of this place? Of my glorious death? Stay a while, and listen! I might tell you that... and more."
  •     "We were human once, then the Watchers came. They changed us, forged us into weapons, made us Iceborn."
  •     "We served the Watchers willingly; the Seeker was their voice. She told us their desires, what to build, and who to kill."
  •     "We took Freljord! We took Valoran! Everywhere we went men trembled and the ice followed us. We forged a mighty empire, but it wasn't truly ours... so long as we served the Watchers."
  •     "Avarosa united us. She showed us that freedom was worth dying for. So we turned on the Watchers. We knew we were stronger than they were; they had given us too much power."
  •     "This is where the final stand took place, this bridge. They held out for days, so many Iceborn died, but we kept on fighting. We climbed over the bodies of our fallen to press the attack, but the Watchers still wouldn't die."
  •     "In a mighty, final surge, we overran them! We lifted them from the ground! We tossed them, howling, into the abyss! That must've killed them, nothing could survive that fall... "
  •     "We needed a guardian in case the Watchers came back. We needed someone who couldn't be killed, someone who could never leave. Hundreds volunteered, but Avarosa chose me... "
  •     "If you hear me sound the horn horn, the Watchers have returned! If that happens you must come at once! Bring an army, bring ten armies! Throw those damned Watchers back into the Abyss!"
  •     "An Iceborn never truly dies. Except... well, there are some exceptions... "
  •     "I reckon the whole world must be ruled by the Iceborn now, right?"
  •     "I should have asked Avarosa to kill my boar and bind her spirit here! I miss you, Boarhilda!"
  •     "Sometimes I wish there were two eternal guardians of the Howling Abyss. Gets lonely here."
  •     "I remember one time I was fighting this pack of trolls, and broke my sword on one of their skulls. So, I grabbed one by the ears and used him like a club to bludgeon his friends to death. That was a glorious day!"
  •     "If you want these weapons, you'll have to earn them. Get into battle!"
  •     "You lure them here, I'll kill them. That's the plan."
  •     "If you see a little man with a flying pot, bash his head in for me!"
  •     "That old man across the bridge is a damned fool! His flying pot seems nice though."

Upon Entering the Store as...

Ashe Ashe
Sejuani Sejuani
Lissandra Lissandra
Anivia Anivia
Gragas Gragas
Nunu Nunu
Tryndamere Tryndamere
Olaf Olaf
Brolaf Brolaf
Udyr Udyr
Volibear Volibear
Trundle Trundle
Brand Brand
Nami Nami
A Yordle

  •     Viking_Ambient_0.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_1.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_10.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_11.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_12.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_13.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_14.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_15.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_16.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_17.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_18.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_2.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_3.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_4.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_5.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_6.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_7.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_8.ogg
  •     Viking_Ambient_9.ogg
  •     Viking_Browsing_0.ogg
  •     Viking_Browsing_1.ogg
  •     Viking_Browsing_2.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_0.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_1.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_10.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_11.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_2.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_3.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_4.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_5.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_6.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_7.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_8.ogg
  •     Viking_Close_9.ogg
  •     Viking_ForgotItems_0.ogg
  •     Viking_ForgotItems_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenAnivia_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenAnivia_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenAnivia_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenAshe_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenAshe_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenAshe_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenBrand.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenBroOlaf.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenGragas_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenGragas_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenGragas_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenLissandra_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenLissandra_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenLissandra_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenMulti_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenMulti_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenNami.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenNunu_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenNunu_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenNunu_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenOlaf_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenOlaf_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenOlaf_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenRich_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenRich_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenSejuani_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenSejuani_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenSejuani_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenTrundle_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenTrundle_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenTrundle_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenTryndamere_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenTryndamere_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenTryndamere_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenUdyr_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenUdyr_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenUdyr_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenVolibear_0.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenVolibear_1.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenVolibear_2.ogg
  •     Viking_OpenYordle.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_0.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_1.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_10.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_11.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_2.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_3.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_4.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_5.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_6.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_7.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_8.ogg
  •     Viking_Open_9.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase3022.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase3092.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase3191.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_0.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_1.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_10.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_11.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_12.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_13.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_14.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_15.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_2.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_3.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_4.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_5.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_6.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_7.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_8.ogg
  •     Viking_Purchase_9.ogg

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