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Greenfang Mountains map

Greenfang Mountains Map

The Greenfang Mountains are a mountain range in eastern Demacia. It was the site of the first battle where Galio OriginalSquare Galio awakened.


During the Battle of the Greenfangs, a order of warmages, known as the Arcane Fist, bombarded the Demacian troops for thirteen days. Afterwards the colossus known as Galio OriginalSquare Galio awakened for the first time and single-handedly defeated the entire mage army.

The Demacians cheered. They were eager to thank the petricite sentinel that had saved them… but as quickly as he’d come to life, their fearsome protector had ceased moving, returning to his pedestal, just as before. Back in the Great City, this bizarre tale was told in hushed tones by the few who had survived the Battle of the Greenfangs, and was usually received with silent incredulity. That day passed into legend—perhaps a mere allegory of ancient days to help people through hard times.

Related Champions

  • Galio OriginalSquare Galio awakened for the first time during the Battle of the Greenfangs.


  • Everpeak: A settlement located on the southeastern slopes of the Greenfang Mountains.


Galio, the Colossus - Login Screen

Galio, the Colossus - Login Screen

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