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"I'll scout ahead!"
This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses. Because of this page's ever-changing nature, the events below are written in bulletpoints.

Great Mage Rebellion refers to the recent rebellion between the governing body of Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia and the mages which live between its borders. These mages rebel against the anti-magic principles that have been established within Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia for centuries.


989 AN
990 AN
  • Jarvan IV Jarvan IV becomes General.
  • Yvva attacks Shyvana Shyvana and her adopted father, the latter dying in the process.
  • Battle near the Argent Mountains.
    • Jarvan's armies won victory after victory against the Noxian presence beyond the Argent Mountains
    • The newly formed Trifarian Legion is sent to the Gates of Mourning, successfully taking the Gates after a clash against the Demacian Vanguard.
    • Jarvan marched to Noxian territory and was encircled and defeated by Noxian warbands.
    • Receiving the news of his son's caputure, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png7 King Jarvan III sent LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Lord Barrett Buvelle to save him.
      • Lord Barrett Buvelle is slain during the battle.
    • Jarvan hid in the forests and was found by Shyvana Shyvana.
  • Shyvana carries Jarvan to Castle Wrenwall.
  • Battle at the Castle Wrenwall.
    • Yvva comes to Castle Wrenwall where she ends up fighting her daughter Shyvana in the sky.
    • Death of Yvva at the hands of Shyvana.
  • Jarvan IV and Shyvana head back to Demacia City with the head of Yvva.
991 AN
992 AN


996 AN
  • Events of Lux.
    • Garen Garen and Tianna discuss the possibility of Lux Lux marrying Jarvan IV Jarvan IV.
    • Lux Lux finds out about a hidden Mageseeker prison housing mages, where she meets imprisoned Sylas Sylas.
    • Through careful manipulation with teaching her how to control her magic, Sylas convinced Lux to smuggle in various books and forbidden tomes into his cell, such as the original writings of the great sculptor Durand, detailing his work with petricite.
    • Finding about their secret meetings, Tianna and Garen forbid Lux from seeing Sylas, while later issuing his public execution. Lux escapes her house to stop the execution, only for Sylas to use her power to escape, murder the gathered public, free imprisoned mages, and charge straight for the royal palace. Garen remains injured after his fight with Sylas.
    • Events of The Unshackled.
      • Sylas Sylas escapes Demacian prison and execution with the unwilling aid of Lux's Lux's magical powers. He is currently leading a massive Mage Rebellion against the anti-mage government.
    • Hearing what happened in the city, King Jarvan III tasked Xin Zhao Xin Zhao to send a letter to the Head Mageseeker, ordering all mageseekers from rounding up and imprisoning mages in hopes of preventing further escalation of events which would end with a potential civil war with Demacia's mages. Xin Zhao pleaded his friend to not send him away while he should sand by his side and protect him. Jarvan III urged him that this was necessary and that his duty is to Demacia.
    • An unknown figure infiltrates the royal palace and assassinate the King.
    • Not even half way to the Mageseeker complex, Xin Zhao heard an explosion and rushed by to the Palace, learning about the fate of the King.
    • Events of Aftermath.
      • A day after the King's death, Xin Zhao Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV Jarvan IV met before an urgent council meeting. After a quick sparing match to vent built up frustration, Jarvan renewed Xin Zhao's vow and asked him to serve as his Seneschal. Right before the meeting Jarvan IV asked Xin Zhao to give the letter from father. After reading it he ordered him to destroy the letter.
    • A funeral for Jarvan III is held some time after the council meeting. Jarvan IV vows to capture all mages and bring them to justice. All mages within the city are being hunted down by Jarvan IV and assisted by forces lead by Garen, both rebels and innocent people.
    • Lux decides to aid innocent mages to escape the city as well as prevent any mage from joining Sylas' cause, such as traveling to one of the safe houses in Dregbourne. There she came across familiar mages and assures them she knows safe passage out of the city.
    • Obtaining a mage staff from woman named Cim, she and the party came at the end of the tunnel that was caved in by Sylas. Garen was waiting for them in the area. By revealing her true intentions and mage nature, Garen finally was assured of his sister being a mage. However, Lux and Garen part ways in good terms.
  • Events of Terror in Demacia.
    • Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks stalks the countryside of Demacia near Fossbarrow, killing and consuming Demacian soldiers tasked to apprehend rebelling mages.
  • Events of Turmoil.
    • A month after Sylas's escape, Demacian Mageseekers have began to systematically gather and imprison or exile all known Mages within Demacia.
    • Demacian cities and villages revolt against the sudden harsh laws against anyone who has even small traces of magical abilities. A revolt in Meltridge was averted by the quick actions of a soldier named Cithria.
  • Events of The Shackles of Belief.
    • A lost and dying Sylas Sylas clashes with a group of raiding Winter's Claw. After a fight, they begin to form an alliance.
  • Events of One Last Show.
    • Sona Sona visits Etra, an old friend, in the countryside, playing in a show with her until magessekers appear hunting both of them. Sona Sona leaves them unconcious with no memories of that night and runs away.
  • Events of The Weight of Expectations
  • Events of Shield of Remembrance.
    • In recent months, Quinn had been helping the Eleventh Battalion hunt rebellious mages—emboldened by the king’s murderer, Sylas Sylas of Dregbourne—through the wildlands of northern Demacia. In the last weeks she was ordered away from the hunt for rebel mages, and tasked with escorting Garen Crownguard Garen Crownguard and a detachment of the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard on some diplomatic mission beyond Demacia’s borders. She was due to meet up with them three days hence, on the south side of the Greenfang Mountains. After a short detour related a group of people from Skaggorn, she returns to her escort duties.
  • Events of Garen: First Shield (possibly into 997 AN).
    • Garen is still deeply troubled by the death of Jarvan III, blaming himself. Tianna Crownguard sends him on a mission outside Demacia; to check in on his grand-uncle Hargold, who is serving as an ambassador to the Nockmirch - one of Demacia's allied states.
    • Garen sets out with three scores of Dauntless Vanguard, among them Cithria of Cloudfield, Shield-Sergeant Merrek from the story "Weight of Expectations", Alys Morn, an exceptional talent with a serious demeanour, Eben Hess, a paranoid but capable soldier, and Kriel, a gentle soul and the only minotaur of the group, hailing from the Stornhorn tribe.
    • Travelling by rowboat they pass through Demacia's lands, passing Everpeak; an aerie for Silverwing Raptors, and along with way are joined by Quinn, who was ordered to join by Tianna's orders as well.
    • After several days they arrive at the city of Alderburg, only to find an immense bridge of dark stone connecting it to the neighbouring nation of Rijenland. This causes immediate suspicions among the Demacians, despite the welcoming nature of the citizens. Quinn goes off to scout the area, finding an entire Noxian warhost nearby of hundreds warriors. She dispatches several of them alongside Valor as they make their way back to Alderburg and warn Garen, who was already being suspicious of his uncle. The truth is revealed, as his uncle was actually an illussion created by an unidentified sorceress an unidentified sorceress, and Noxus was very much in control.
    • The Vanguard tries to escape, but end up trapped on the same bridge they entered in. Quinn is critically wounded after trying to get everyone out, but Valor gets a message to Demacia proper. After a basilisk is loosed on them, killing several of their soldiers, Garen launches a desperate offensive in to the city, killing the Noxian commander present. In the nick of time Valor returns, with a host of Silverwings in tow, who charge through the Noxians, killing them in scores even as a few similarly meet their own end.
    • In the aftermath Garen confronts Lord Eldwyn of Nockmirch, who explains he felt pressured in to siding with Noxus due to a lack of communication with Demacia, which Garen notes was likely the cause of the mage impersonating his great-uncle. After getting a second opinion from the new recruit Cithria, Garen has Lord Eldwyn to cede his lordship and hands it to his daughter: Lady Odelyn, despite it being against the law of the land for a woman to rule. The minotaur Kriel stays behind to work as an ambassador while an official one is chosen.
    • Weeks later, Garen and the vanguards are recovering from their wounds, and he chats with Tianna. They're both troubled by the possibilities of Noxians coming in to their neck of the woods, but reflect that, thanks to the Vanguard's actions, they have secured and revitalized their alliance with Nockmirch. Quinn has already went out in to the wilds despite her wounds, and Tianna gives Garen new orders, presumably about a lead on Sylas.
997 AN
  • Event of Warriors.
    • Lux Lux and Garen Garen help Demacian soldiers defend a Demacian fortress from an attack by Sylas Sylas and his Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw allies. They almost lose the battle until Lux decides to reveal her power and uses it to summon Galio Galio.