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The God-Warriors are the ascended of Shurima.


The Sacred

The God-warriors, also known as the sunborn, were once Shuriman ascended who underwent a transformative ritual, giving them extraordinary power and long life, so they could safeguard their nation and its interests. It was said that entire campaigns could be won the moment a god-warrior took to the field, because their foes chose to turn and flee rather than face them directly. Ascension is a ritual usually decided upon by the Sun Priests (clerics of sun worship) through criteria that are mystical and governed by ritual and superstition, and usually it's granted to those who have selflessly served Shurima and are being given the chance to do so even after what would normally be their time to die. While few of them remain, they are still some of the strongest beings on Runeterra. Other versions of the Shuriman ascended are Baccai, and the Darkin.

As an Ascended is created, a celestial concept merges with their mortal body and gains them ascended power. If an Ascended is trapped/ removed from reality, the celestial concept connected to them will be trapped/ cease to exist.

God-Warrior Champions

Other Related Champions

  • Aatrox Aatrox used to be a Shuriman Ascended before becoming Darkin and being sealed away in his weapon.
  • Aurelion Sol's Aurelion Sol's knowledge was used to create Shuriman Ascended.
  • Ezreal's Ezreal's gauntlet belonged to the Ascended Ne'Zuk.
  • Jax Jax fought against Nasus Nasus and Renekton Renekton at the Battle of Icathia.
  • Myisha Myisha helped to reverse several Ascended turn Darkin back to human forms and use their hearts to seal away the Darkin.
  • Kassadin's Kassadin's Nether Blade Nether Blade belonged to the Ascended Horok.
  • Malphite Malphite was created by the Ascended Ne'Zuk.
  • Pantheon Pantheon fought against the Ascended Darkin during The Great Darkin War.
  • Rammus Rammus might be an Ascended, but his true nature is an enigma.
  • Rhaast Rhaast used to be a Shuriman Ascended before becoming Darkin and being sealed away in his weapon.
  • Sivir Sivir is a descendant of Azir Azir and was aided by Nasus Nasus to escape from Vekaura.
  • Taliyah Taliyah was aided by Nasus Nasus to escape from Vekaura with Sivir Sivir.
  • Varus Varus used to be a Shuriman Ascended before becoming Darkin and being sealed away in his weapon.
  • Xerath Xerath is a Baccai who betrayed Azir Azir, leading to the downfall of Shurima Crest icon.png Shurima.


Azir Azir ascends with Sivir Sivir as witness

Blessed with incredible strength, speed and a strong affinity for mastering forms of magic. The Ascended are also virtually immune to pain and their lifespan is dramatically increased, however they are not immortal. These transcended beings can bleed, be crippled, or even killed with the right weapon, magic or overwhelming force. Ascension isn't a perfect process. Some were made who were 100% compatible (or as near as makes no difference) with the process and became the types similar to Nasus Nasus, others were failures and became the Baccai. Most were somewhere in the middle, divine and super powerful, but not perfect. They're somewhat more resistant to the power of the Void Crest icon.png Void, what with the cosmic power of the sun-disc enchanting their flesh - though they're not immune. But their minds were exposed as being all too vulnerable to the scars of fighting such horrors which led to many of the survivors becoming Darkin later.[1]

Most resemble anthropomorphic versions of animals and even gain the unique attributes of such creatures. However each individual who rises to Ascension are shaped after the most prominent ideals one strives to embody; some may become far more bestial in form and others could gain extra appendages. Regardless of appearance their gifted powers elevated them to demigod status as a result. It was also revealed that if a non-Shuriman were to go through the Ascension ritual, they would likely not take an animal form as their mental association with certain ideals wouldn't be tied down to the Shuriman symbolic language. For example, the notion of lord/emperor in Shuriman is that of a golden bird, so Azir's ascended form reflects that. However, a Demacian doesn't make the same association, so a Demacian leader would not transform into a golden bird.

As they were previously humans, Ascended still retain their ability to procreate as humans do. However, they may choose to alter their bodies to not have this ability. The Darkin before being trapped in their weapons had the ability to alter their bodies to a significant amount that they have lost human elements of their physical bodies which they still retained when they were Shuriman Ascended.[2][3]


  • Those Ascended by the Sun Disc of Shurima can live for thousands of years.
  • In Aatrox's Aatrox's lore and in Twilight of the Gods, another name is also given to the Ascended, the Sunborn. Most of the surviving Ascended that participated in the Void War entitled themselves as "Sunborn". It is unclear if all the remaining Ascended, assuming there were Ascended that didn't participate after the events of Where Icathia Once Stood, accepted this title.
    • The name, possibly referencing the Sun Disc as the source of their transformation, shares similarities with the names of other races, such as the Iceborn (a race transformed by the Watchers with True Ice), Voidborn (Creatures originating from The Void), and to some extent Ornn Ornn being known as the Firstborn.
  • Thus far, each known Ascended has displayed unique abilities the others cannot replicate:
  • Those who survived a failed Ascension ritual are known as the Baccai, who became physically twisted and malformed as a result.
    • One of the most extreme examples of Baccai would be Xerath Xerath, who lost his physical form entirely, presumably what he wanted.
  • In the Short Story Where Icathia Once Stood, God-Warriors (presumably the Ascended) are described as 'an awful blend of human and animal', and 'inhuman monsters that defied belief'.
  • Setaka was the Warrior Queen of the Ascended Host, and used the Chalicar in combat. She had a lion shaped helmet.
  • The extent of the relationship between Mount Targon and Shurima remains unclear, however it is known that the Targonians guided the Shurimans in the creation of the Sun Disc and possibly the fight versus the Void.
  • The Shuriman Ascended can be turned back to humans by the power of the Moon, as demonstrated by Ta'anari in the story Twilight of the Gods. The power of moonlight is most often wielded by none other than... aspects.
  • Other notable Shuriman Ascended were: Aatrox Aatrox, Rhaast Rhaast, Varus Varus, Ta'anari (Panther), Enakai (Tiger), Syphax (Chameleon), Zigantus (Bull), Xuuyan (Turtle), Shabaka and Shabake (Raven twins), Valeeva (Unknown), Moneerah (Unknown), Cebotaru (Wolf), Naganeka (Snake), Horok (Unknown) and Ne'Zuk (Unknown).
  • Almost all of the Shuriman Ascended, besides a few like Nasus Nasus, Renekton Renekton and Xerath Xerath, were either destroyed, or turned into Darkin and sealed away in weapon prisons during The Great Darkin War.
  • Each Aspect is an embodiment of a concept, if they die, the concept they embody (war, twilight, wandering and etc.) will disappear from reality, changing it as a whole. The Darkin had their celestials/concepts already erased, but the efforts of other ascended and mortals with sealing the darkin prevent them from fading into nothingness.[4][5]


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