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By Jared Rosen

Glacial is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. It is set in a world where each champion is a creature of ice and snow.


  • Ezreal FrostedCircle Frosted Ezreal
    Ezreal occasionally finds himself in the Freljord, searching for such-and-such ancient artifact. But braving sub-zero temperatures, terrifying ice beasts, and angry Freljordian tribes is a tall order, even for him—that's why he goes in disguise. He's practically a different person!
  • Nocturne FrozenTerrorCircle Frozen Terror Nocturne
    Somewhere, hidden beneath the enormous ice caps, lurks a demon fueled by the terror of those foolish enough to enter his domain.
  • Olaf GlacialCircle Glacial Olaf
    The villagers thought it was an avalanche. Then they saw the axe.
  • Shen FrozenCircle Frozen Shen
    Enduring the bitter cold, Shen roams the ice caps with his twin blades, hunting the terrifying demon hidden deep underneath.


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