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For the health relic on Howling Abyss, see Health Relic.
For the health relic on the removed map Crystal Scar, see Health Relic (Crystal Scar).
Ghost Relic

The Ghost Relic

Ghost Relics are located in the center of the jungle of the Twisted Treeline. They restore health and mana, energy or fury. Any champion can pick up a ghost relic by walking over them.

Ghost relics spawn at 2:30 and respawn 90 seconds after being picked up.


  • Grants 20% bonus movement speed that decays over 5 seconds.
  • Restores 94 − 315 (based on level) health.
  • Champions with mana restore 90 − 328 (based on level) mana.
  • Champions with energy restore 25 energy.
  • Champions with fury restore 10 fury.


  • The heal counts as self-healing and is affected by healing bonuses and healing reduction.
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