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For the Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra card see Ghost (Legends of Runeterra).

Ghost is a self-targeted summoner spell that increases your champion's movement speed and grants them the ability to ignore unit collision for a few seconds.



  • Ghost can be used either offensively or defensively. The increase in movement speed and ignoring unit collision makes it easier to both chase down enemy champions, and escape bad situations.
Summoner spell CDR
Base cooldown ▶ 420s
Cooldown reduction icon Cooldown reduction
5% (Cosmic Insight rune) 399s 285s 228s 199.5s 171s 85.5s N/A 19s
10% (Ionian Boots of Lucidity item) 378s 270s 216s 189s 162s 81s N/A 18s
15% (Ionian Boots of Lucidity itemCosmic Insight rune) 357s 255s 204s 178.5s 153s 76.5s N/A 17s
40% (Howling Abyss aura) N/A 180s 144s 126s 108s N/A 48s 12s
43% (Howling Abyss auraCosmic Insight rune) N/A 171s 136.8s 119.7s 102.6s N/A 45.6s 11.4s
50% (Howling Abyss auraIonian Boots of Lucidity item) N/A 150s 120s 105s 90s N/A 40s 10s
53% (Howling Abyss auraIonian Boots of Lucidity itemCosmic Insight rune) N/A 141s 112.8s 98.7s 84.6s N/A 37.6s 9.4s


  • Ryze OriginalSquare Ryze is shown using this spell to push through mobs and a fallen tower in the League of Legends Season One Promotional video.
  • Ghost and Heal Heal are the only usable summmoner spells in the basic tutorial.
  • The first icon for Ghost old Ghost was recolored for the icon for the Season 2011 mastery Haste mastery 2011.png Haste.
  • Ghost grants Hecarim OriginalSquare Hecarim between 12.42 and 49.68 bonus attack damage with his passive Warpath Warpath.


Ghost client showcase

Ghost client showcase

Patch History

  • Bonus movement speed increased to 24% − 48% (based on level) from 20% − 40% (based on level).
  • Removed: Bonus movement speed no longer ramps up over 2 seconds.
  • New Effect: Duration is now extended by 4 − 7 (based on level) seconds upon scoring a takedown.
  • Bonus movement speed reduced to 20% − 40% (based on level) from 28% − 45% (based on level).
  • Cooldown increased to 210 seconds from 180.
  • New Effect: Movement speed now ramps up over the first two seconds, rather than activating instantly.
  • Cooldown reduced to 180 seconds from 210.
  • Movement speed increased to 28% − 45% (based on level) from 27% at all levels.
  • New sounds.
  • New particles.
  • Icon updated
  • Now improved in the Offense Mastery tree instead of Utility.
  • Improved Ghost increases movement speed bonus to 35%.
  • Ghost Ghost duration decreased to 10 from 14.
  • Ghost Ghost movement speed increase reduced to 27% from 32%.
  • Haste (mastery) movement speed bonus reduced to 6% from 8%.
  • Ghost Ghost can now be used without breaking stealth.
  • Movement speed bonus increased to 32% from 28%.
  • Duration increase to 14 seconds from 12 seconds.
July 10, 2009 Patch
  • Duration reduced to 15 from 30 sec.
June 26, 2009 Patch
  • Haste mastery 2011.png Haste: Increases the movement speed bonus of Ghost Ghost by 8%, and increases the duration by 1.5 seconds.
May 9, 2009 Patch
  • Cooldown increased to 210 seconds from 180 seconds.
May 1, 2009 Patch
  • Reduced Ghost Ghost mastery bonus to +8% from +10%.
  • Duration reduced to 12 seconds from 15 seconds.
April 18, 2009 Patch
  • Duration reduced to 15 seconds from 25 seconds.
  • Movement speed bonus increased 28% from 22%.
  • Added a buff texture.
April 11, 2009 Patch
  • Movement speed bonus increased to 22% from 15%.
Alpha Week 6
  • Movement speed bonus decreased to 15% from 20%.
Alpha Week 5
  • Ghost Ghost duration increased to 25 seconds from 15 seconds and tooltip now properly reflects the 20% movement speed bonus.
Alpha Week 4
  • Cooldown reduced to 2 minutes from 6 minutes.
  • Movement Speed increased to 20% from 10%.
Alpha Week 3
  • Summoner Haste name changed to Summoner Ghost Ghost, and now allows you to walk through units.
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