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Rare Gem

Patch V6.3 introduced Rare Gem gemstones that are used to forge exclusive loot in Hextech Crafting.

Obtaining Gemstones

Hextech Crafting Gemstone
  • Opening a Hextech Crafting Chest Hextech Chest or Hextech Crafting Masterwork Chest Masterwork Chest with a Hextech Crafting Key Hextech Key has a 3.6% chance of giving you a gemstone (increased to 4% with bad luck protection).
  • One guaranteed gemstone is given every 50 progressed levels, starting at summoner level 150 via the Leveling System.
  • During the Essence Emporium, unique gemstones can be bought for BE icon 50,000, BE icon 75,000, and BE icon 100,000. These are respectively given with an exclusive icon: Gemstone Knight profileicon Gemstone Knight, Gemstone Prince profileicon Gemstone Prince, and Gemstone King profileicon Gemstone King.
  • Can be obtained through Events, like the 10th Anniversary Event.

Loot Exclusive Content


These cosmetics are always available and can be obtain in different ways:

  • Buying them with Rare Gem Gemstones.
  • Opening a Hextech Crafting Chest Hextech Chest (0.04% chance).
  • Opening a Mystery Mythic Skin Shard Token Mythical Skin token.
  • Re-rolling shards.
Cosmetic Gemstone cost
Alistar HextechCircle Hextech Alistar Rare Gem 10
Amumu HextechCircle Hextech Amumu Rare Gem 10
Annie HextechCircle Hextech Annie Rare Gem 10
Cho'Gath DarkStarCircle Dark Star Cho'Gath Rare Gem 10
Darius DreadnovaCircle Dreadnova Darius Rare Gem 10
Hecarim LancerZeroCircle Lancer Zero Hecarim Rare Gem 10
Jarvan IV HextechCircle Hextech Jarvan IV Rare Gem 10
Kog'Maw HextechCircle Hextech Kog'Maw Rare Gem 10
Malzahar HextechCircle Hextech Malzahar Rare Gem 10
Nocturne HextechCircle Hextech Nocturne Rare Gem 10
Poppy HextechCircle Hextech Poppy Rare Gem 10
Rammus HextechCircle Hextech Rammus Rare Gem 10
Renekton HextechCircle Hextech Renekton Rare Gem 10
Sejuani HextechCircle Hextech Sejuani Rare Gem 10
Swain HextechCircle Hextech Swain Rare Gem 10
Vayne SoulstealerCircle Soulstealer Vayne Rare Gem 10
Ziggs HextechCircle Hextech Ziggs Rare Gem 10
Hextech Ward Hextech Ward Rare Gem 5

The following is not gemstone-exclusive but can be bought with gemstones:

Cosmetic Gemstone cost
One Masterwork Chest and one Hextech Key.
Hextech Crafting Masterwork Chest
Rare Gem 1


These cosmetics were available at one point and could be obtained in different ways:

  • Buying them with Rare Gem Gemstones
  • Opening a Hextech Crafting Chest Hextech Chest (0.04% chance)
  • Opening a Mystery Mythic Skin Shard Token Mythical Skin token
  • Re-rolling shards
Cosmetic Gemstone cost Mystery Mythic Skin Shard Token Token Availability Notes
Sivir NeoPAXCircle Neo PAX Sivir Rare Gem 10 Not done 31-Aug-2017 to 8-Jan-2018 Can also be obtained with a Redeemable Code from Riot events.
Dawnbringer Ward Dawnbringer Ward Rare Gem 3 Done Unknown
Nightbringer Ward Nightbringer Ward Rare Gem 3 Done Unknown
Re-Gifted Amumu Emote Re-Gifted Amumu Emote Rare Gem 1 Not done 12-Dec-2017 to 8-Jan-2018 These emotes have been gifted to all player, who owned the corresponding icons from the Snowdown Event 2016.
Snowbells Emote Snowbells Emote Rare Gem 1 Not done
Poro Snax Emote Poro Snax Lover Emote Rare Gem 2 Not done
Hat's Off Emote Hat's Off Emote Rare Gem 5 Not done 26-Jun-2018 to 10-Jul-2018 Reward for all player who bought an emote before V8.12

Lunar Revel

These bundles (icon + golden chroma) were available during the 2018 Lunar Revel event. Each bundle costed Rare Gem 5 gemstones (or one Golden Revel Token Golden Revel Token):

Bundle Gemstone cost Availability
Caitlyn LunarWraithCircle Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
Caitlyn LunarWraith (Golden)Golden Caitlyn profileicon
Rare Gem 5 08-Feb-2018 to 19-Feb-2018
Corki DragonwingCircle Dragonwing Corki
Corki Dragonwing (Golden)Golden Corki profileicon
Rare Gem 5
Garen WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Garen
Garen WarringKingdoms (Golden)Golden Garen profileicon
Rare Gem 5
Katarina WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Katarina
Katarina WarringKingdoms (Golden)Golden Katarina profileicon
Rare Gem 5
Sona GuqinCircle Guqin Sona
Sona Guqin (Golden)Golden Sona profileicon
Rare Gem 5
Riven DragonbladeCircle Dragonblade Riven
Riven Dragonblade (Golden)Golden Riven profileicon
Rare Gem 5

Previous events

During certain events, it was possible to get gemstones:

Event Obtaining Gemstones Patch
10th Anniversary Event There is a 11 missions series. Complete the ninth mission, players will be awarded with two gemstones. V9.20, V9.21
Battle Academia The Battle Academia Mega Bundle includes all 6 Battle Academia skins (Ezreal BattleAcademiaCircle Battle Academia Ezreal, Graves BattleProfessorCircle Battle Professor Graves,Jayce BattleAcademiaCircle Battle Academia Jayce, Katarina BattleAcademiaCircle Battle Academia Katarina, Lux BattleAcademiaCircle Battle Academia Lux and Yuumi BattlePrincipalCircle Battle Principal Yuumi), all six Border and Border Icons and one gemstone for RP icon 11870. V9.10
The iG Signature Edition Set includes all 6 iG skins ( Camille iGCircle iG Camille, Fiora iGCircle iG Fiora, Irelia iGCircle iG Irelia, Kai'Sa iGCircle iG Kai'Sa, LeBlanc iGCircle iG LeBlanc and Rakan iGCircle iG Rakan), all 6 Signature Border, the Championship Hot Dog Ward Championship Hot Dog Ward and one gemstone for RP icon 13440. V9.8
April Fools' Day The Kitty Box included one Gemstone, 5 Furry Capsules, 25 Prestige Points and the Best In Show profileicon Best In The Show Icon for RP icon 4750. V9.6
There was a Gemstone included on Masterwork Chest with a Key, 20 Prestige Points, the Blood Moon Descent profileicon Blood Moon Descent Icon and one Gemstone for RP icon 1750. V9.1
Snowdown The Winter Wonder Packin including 5 Snowdown Capsules, 250 Snowdown Tokens, the Hungwy profileicon Hungwy Icon and one Gemstone for RP icon 4750. V8.24
Odyssey The Lost Crystal Pack included 20 Odyssey Orbs, 110 Odyssey Token, the Ora profileicon Ora Icon and one Gemstone for RP icon 5000. V8.18
Pool Party The King Crab Bag Bundle included 5 Position Orb for each position (Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Land, Marksman and Support), one Crab Bag ( Includes 6 skin shards for each role - Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support and Tank), the Tasty Beverage profileicon Tasty Beverage Icon and one gemstone for RP icon 7375. V8.15
The SSG Signature Edition Set includes all 6 SSG skins ( Ezreal SSGCircle SSG EzrealGnar SSGCircle SSG Gnar, Jarvan IV SSGCircle SSG Jarvan IV, Rakan SSGCircle SSG Rakan, Taliyah SSGCircle SSG Taliyah and Xayah SSGCircle SSG Xayah), all 6 Signature Border and one gemstone for  RP icon 13440. V8.14
Chaos and Order 2018 It was possible to obtain a VS. Gemstone Mega Pack which included a gemstone, 10 Lion Orb, 10 Wolf Orb, 176 VS. Tokens and the Lion's Covenant profileicon Lion's Covenant Icon and the Wolf's Pact profileicon Wolf's Pact Icon for RP icon 5000. V8.13
Burning Tide A gemstone could be bought alongside a Bloodharbor Medallion (Event exclusive chest) and the King of the Sea profileicon King of the Sea icon for RP icon 1350. V8.11
2018 Lunar Revel A gemstone could be bought alongside the Puppy Warwick profileicon Puppy Warwick icon for RP icon 1250. V8.3
Snowdown Showdown Unique gemstones could be bought by purchasing the following summoner icons: Gemstone Stocking profileicon Gemstone Stocking, Gemstone Pengu profileicon Gemstone Pengu, Gemstone Poro profileicon Gemstone Poro. V7.24
Worlds 2017 It was possible to obtain the Worlds Master Pass which included a gemstone and the 2017 Worlds Master Pass profileicon Worlds Master Pass Icon for RP icon 1300 to 1000 depending when the Pass was bought. V7.18 until V7.20
Arcade 2017 Boss World had the Dungeon Pass which included a gemstone, the Arcade Poro Ward Arcade Poro Ward, the Arcade Poro profileicon Arcade Poro Icon and a bonus Good Orb for RP icon 1495. V7.16
Chaos and Order 2017 It was possible to buy the Way of Order Pass (including one Orb of Order, 100 Order Tokens, a Hextech Chest and Key and the Dawnbringer Ward Dawnbringer Ward) and the Way of Chaos Pass (including one Orb of Chaos, 100 Chaos Tokens, a Hextech Chest and Key and the Nightbringer Ward Nightbringer Ward) for RP icon 1300 which included a gemstone as mission reward. V7.12
  • Epic Capsule Epic Capsules were limited time capsules. They rewarded you with 3 skins, at least one being Epic and increased Chance of getting Gemstone.
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