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Map-Specific Differences

Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss differences:
  • Stats gained every 6 minutes.
Nexus Blitz icon Nexus Blitz differences:
  • Rank-up time changed to every 4.5 minutes.
The Thinking Manatee profileicon Ultra Rapid Fire differences:
  • Stats gained every 6 minutes.
Gathering Storm Mark

Patch History

V7.22 - Added
  • Sorcery icon Sorcery Slot 3 rune.
    • Passive: Every 10 minutes, gain (1 per 10 Minutes) stacks of Gathering Storm. Each stack grants 8 ability power or 4.8 attack damage (Adaptive).
    • This stacks with no upper limit, for a total of 8 − ∞ (based on Minutes) AP or 5 − ∞ (based on Minutes) AD at 10 − ∞ (based on Stacks) minutes.
    • Adaptive: Grants bonuses based on which stat you already have the most bonuses for. Defaults to the first listed.


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