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Garen OriginalCentered
Garen OriginalSquare
The Might of Demacia
Fighter icon Juggernaut
Secondary attributes:
Manaless resource Manaless | Melee role Melee | Rune shard Adaptive Force physical
BE icon 450 | RP icon 260
Release Date:
2010-04-27 [1]
Last Changed:
  1. Garen's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com

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  • Interaction between Garen E and Lethal Tempo Rune?

    8 messages
    • There is no theoretical limit. However, it is obviously limited to how much attack speed you can get from items, which is, itself, limited.
    • Incidentally, even though the 2.5 cap is applied to the actual Attack Speed, the numbers from the items still contribute to spins. At lvl 18, w...
  • Does blade of the ruined king procs on Judgement hits?

    5 messages
    • If it's applying FM's slow then that's a bug, as it's an on-hit effect and should not be applied. {{iis|The Black Cleave...
    • I see. It's probably just an impression that it applies Frozen Mallet's slow. Thank you for taking your time to answer these doubts.
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