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For the item in League of Legends, see Frozen Heart Frozen Heart.
For the Shadow equivalent of the item, see Frozen Dark Heart Frozen Dark Heart.
For the Radiant equivalent of the item, see Frozen Heart of Gold Frozen Heart of Gold.

Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Attack speed slow is now properly removed upon death if generated by Scrap Scrap.
  • Attack speed slow increased to 35% from 25%.
  • Attack speed slow reduced to 25% from 35%.
  • Updated item icon.
  • Armor reduced to 20 from 25.
  • Attack speed slow reduced to 35% from 50%.
  • Attack speed slow radius increased to 2 hexes from 1.
  • New Effect: Is now a unique item.
V11.6 - March 6th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Attack speed debuff no longer lingers on a target after the target leaves the item's radius.
  • Attack speed slow increased to 50% from 40%.
  • Starting mana reduced to 15 from 20.
  • Attack speed slow increased to 40% from 25%.
  • Debuff duration reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1.
  • Stacking multiple Frozen Hearts now increases the radius of the effect, rather than increasing the strength of the attack speed slow.
  • Attack speed slow reduced to 25% from 35%.
  • Armor increased to 25 from 20.
  • Debuff duration reduced to 1 second from 4.
  • Attack speed slow increased to 35% from 30%.
  • Debuff duration increased to 4 seconds from 2.875.
  • Bug Fix: No longer applies too many slows when stacked.
  • Bug Fix: Now properly affect Elise's Elise's Spiderlings and Elementalist's Elementalist's Golem.
V9.15 - July 31st Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Can now only apply its debuff to any enemy once. If the Frozen Heart holder leaves and returns to an affected unit, the debuff will be refreshed not stacked.
  • Bug Fix: No longer breaks for a round when selling its host unit.
  • Effect now applies more consistently to any unit near the wearer.
V9.13 - Added
  • Frozen Heart Frozen Heart
    • Stats: 20 starting mana and 20 armor.
    • Passive: Adjacent enemies have their attack speed reduced by 25% for 2.875 seconds.
    • Recipe: Tear of the Goddess Tear of the Goddess + Chain Vest Chain Vest.