Frostheld map

Frostheld Map

Frostheld was a glacial harbor in southwestern part of the Freljord.


This city served as the former capital of the Freljord Avarosan Avarosan tribes until it was burnt down by a Demacian fleet, led by Rodian of the Dauntless Vanguard. Before its destruction, it had trade connections with Noxus and Piltover.

Champions of Frostheld


Freljordian Grain

A type of grain native to Freljord. While the grain milk is a popular adulterant in Noxus, its also used for creating ale and beer.



Freljord- Avarosan Ashe
"It is our duty to speak of unity, here among the ruins of our past. Now our people stand divided, torn apart by ancient hatreds. Brothers and sisters, our enemy is not our neighbor. Our enemy is a land without law and a long winter's night. It is hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos. Look around you, these monuments from a bygone age, each older and grander than anything wrought by our hands. These are the works of a united Freljord, a fractured land that we can repair. From these ruins, we can raise a great nation. We are the people of the Freljord, and this land belongs to us all."
AsheSquare Ashe

The Avarosan profileicon Avarosan are those whom are loyal to Ashe OriginalCircle Original Ashe. While others war, Ashe works day and night to establish a single alliance throughout the Freljord. They are an agglomeration of progressive tribes that believe in diplomacy through the teachings of Avarosa. They dwell mostly in the slightly warmer regions, and many settlements under their banner are agrarian. Though Ashe's methods are peaceful, she is still backed by a powerful and committed army. Ashe has many tribes allied with her and several people such as: AniviaSquare Anivia, BraumSquare Braum, GragasSquare Gragas, and TryndamereSquare Tryndamere.


League of Legends- Freljord Theme (Full)

League of Legends- Freljord Theme (Full)

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