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Harsh frozen land

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Governance: Attitude towards magic:
Tribal matriarchy Venerate
Level of technology: General environment:
Low Icy tundra

The Freljord is a harsh and unforgiving land. Proud and fiercely independent, its people are born warriors, with a strong raiding culture. While there are many individual tribes within the Freljord, the battle lines are being drawn in a three-way civil war that will determine the future of them all. One tribe unflinchingly honors the SejuaniSquare traditions that have ensured its survival; another follows the dream of a united future, as foretold by a young AsheSquare idealist; while the third worships the power of an enigmatic LissandraSquare sorceress.


The Freljord (pronounced /'fɹɛɫjɔɹd/ frell-yord) is a harsh and unforgiving land, where demi-gods walk the earth and the people are born warriors. While there are many individual tribes, the three greatest are the Avarosan profileicon Avarosans, the Winter's Claw profileicon Winter's Claw, and the Frostguard profileicon Frostguard, each uniquely shaped by their will to survive. It is also the only place on Runeterra where True Ice can be found.[1]

Champions of the Freljord

Other Related Champions

  • AatroxSquare Aatrox is a Darkin that murdered TryndamereSquare Tryndamere's clan.
  • BrandSquare Brand is a sentient world rune that is possessing the body of mage apprentice Kegan Rodhe.
  • DariusSquare Darius' son Decius died in a Noxian campaign in the Freljord. Darius himself was also captured by the Winter's Claw during an earlier campaign, and was able to escape.
  • IvernSquare Ivern is an ancient Freljordian warrior who was transformed into the Green-Father by the God-Willow in Ionia.
  • Lee SinSquare Lee Sin took UdyrSquare Udyr to the Hirana Monastery to find peace.
  • QuinnSquare Quinn and ValorSquare Valor were sent by Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV to investigate the growing tensions within the Freljord.
  • RyzeSquare Ryze is searching for World Runes in the Freljord.
  • TaliyahSquare Taliyah went to the Freljord to finish her training and find a way back to Shurima, as suggested by YasuoSquare Yasuo.


The Three Sisters

In a time long forgotten, before the sands birthed and then swallowed Shurima, beings of old magic freely walked Runeterra. The borders between the mortal realm and what lay beyond it were hotly contested.

Into this dangerous and volatile age, LissandraSquare Lissandra and her sisters, Serylda and Avarosa, were born. Each sought to harness the powers at war, and each paid a terrible price. Attempting to command the heavens above them, Serylda lost her voice to ZoeSquare the first twilight. Avarosa faced the twisting dark beneath the world, and was deafened by its emptiness, waiting to consume all creation.

It was Lissandra who stood against the wild magic of the mortal world itself. For this defiance, Frenzy the savage claws of a VolibearSquare primal god raked across her eyes, blinding her.

Though each sister had lost a part of themselves, it was on the frozen fields of Lissandra’s many battles that they were able to unite and prevail. Together, they were unstoppable… but even a bond of blood could only weather so much.

With her sight taken, Lissandra chose instead to walk in dreams. As she navigated the fitful visions of those around her, she realized only she could see the darkness below for what it was: the lingering abyss promised not only an ending, but infinity. It was death, both dangerous and full of potential. Unknown to her sisters, Lissandra struck a deal on their behalf with the god-like entities she had communed with—the Watchers would grant them near-immortality in exchange for preparing Runeterra for the coming of the Void.

The three sisters and their most powerful followers were named Iceborn. Those with this ability to withstand the worst of the numbing frost would be spared until the very end.

Battle of the Howling Abyss

Avarosa argued that the only thing worse than death was servitude. Even Serylda bristled against what would become of the world they had fought so hard for. Caught in the middle, Lissandra tried to soothe her sisters’ concerns while appealing to the Watchers for more time, but the unknowable nothingness cared not for such platitudes.

The Void erupted into the mortal world in the far north, and with it, Lissandra’s hidden allegiance to the Watchers became undeniable. In time Avarosa grew tired of their servitude and united the Iceborn, rallying them against their masters. The final stand against the Watchers took place on the bridge crossing the Howling Abyss. In that moment, her only choices were to let all the world be consumed, or to give up what she cared for most—Lissandra sacrificed her sisters and the allies they had gathered, entombing the Watchers beneath a glacial barrier of magical ice that could never be melted.

Lissandra soon discovered that even this elemental power was not enough. The monstrous beings she had frozen were merely slumbering, slowly tainting the True Ice around them into something darker. Now, they wandered through Lissandra’s dreams as easily as she had theirs, and always she would wake, terrified, professing her loyalty to the chilling eternity they promised.

Frostguard's Vigil

Lissandra OriginalSkin

Lissandra in the Howling Abyss

Ever the survivor, she gathered her remaining followers to venerate her and her departed sisters. If True Ice would delay the inevitable end of all things, then they had to gather as much of it as they could find, and scour the frozen lands for any of Iceborn descent to join their cause.

Lissandra and the first among her Frostguard did everything in their power to rewrite history, seizing all records of what had truly happened... and yet, rumors and prophecies persisted in myth and song. It was whispered that Avarosa and Serylda would one day return to unite the disparate tribes, and so Lissandra had any who were hailed as their reincarnations quietly killed. Even she retreated into the shadows, periodically renewing herself with the powers she had been gifted.

Lissandra watches them carefully, seeking any opportunity to pit them against one another, all the while redoubling her own efforts to lock away the terrible secrets she has buried deep under her citadel.

The Seeker's Tale

Lissandra EasterEgg
"The Howling Abyss. A bottomless crevasse surrounded by an ancient fortress carved into a glacier. No one remembers who built this place. No one knows its purpose. No one but me."

"Long before AsheSquare Ashe and SejuaniSquare Sejuani, before Aurelion SolSquare magic shattered the broken Mount Targon profileicon peaks, before the XerathSquare desert swallowed Shurima profileicon Shurima, it was the time of the Three Sisters. We were so young back then; Avarosan profileicon Avarosa, Winter's Claw profileicon Serylda, and me, Frostguard profileicon Lissandra."

"Back then the Frozen Watchers lived here. I do not know where they came from, but I know they were powerful. They gave us gifts, shared their magic, made us immortal. They named us 'Iceborn'."

"In return, we gave them whatever they desired. This mighty fortress, a vast empire, our loyalty, these were a small price to pay. Avarosa did not see it that way. Like a spoiled child she cried out for freedom. She demanded choice. She sowed the seeds of rebellion and betrayal."

"This place is where it happened. On one side, the Frozen Watchers, on the other, Avarosa and her Iceborn horde. Many Iceborn died that day, but in the end, the Watchers fell. Avarosa drove them howling into the abyss."

"I never forgave her. I had my revenge... but that is another story." - LissandraSquare Lissandra

The Raiders' Massacre

Raiders ambushed a young TryndamereSquare Tryndamere's clan in the dead of night, and though his warriors initially were able to push the attackers back, the battle changed when a AatroxSquare dark figure stepped forth, inspiring an unearthly bloodlust in the invaders. Tryndamere's tribe was overrun within moments. With no hope of survival Tryndamere threw himself at certain death. The dark figure swatted him aside, mortally wounding the young barbarian. Dying, Tryndamere gave in fully to his wrath. His blood boiled and his anger consumed him, banishing his mortality. But instead of confronting him the shadowy figure gave Tryndamere a knowing smile as he withdrew into the shadows. That was the last time the barbarian ever saw his nemesis.

Avarosa's Chosen Heir

As a child, AsheSquare Ashe was always a dreamer and an idealist, who heard and liked the stories of the ancient queen Avarosa. Her mother's untimely death forced her to lead her tribe at a mere fifteen years old. However, her peaceful ideals angered some tribesmen who plotted to dispose of her. Their attempt was thwarted by a mysterious hawk who led Ashe to Avarosa's legendary bow, with which Ashe disposed of the insurrection and gained the respect of her tribe. Her tribe, now named the Avarosan, soon grew bigger than any other behind her newfound power and visions for unification.

Fury of the North

As a child, the leader of the Winter's Claw profileicon Winter's Claw watched her tribe's numbers slowly dwindle. Sejuani pushed herself to extremes that would have killed anyone without her will to endure. She walked into blizzards without food or furs and trained while frigid winds raked her flesh. She clashed with the strongest warriors of her tribe, one after another, until her legs gave out beneath her. When she assumed leadership of her tribe, Sejuani commanded her warriors to follow her example. Under her rule, the tribe grew stronger than they had ever been.

In the end, it was an offer of peace - rather than an act of war - that began Sejuani's campaign of conquest. On the first day of winter, envoys from AsheSquare Ashe's tribe approached Sejuani's camp bearing a gift of Avarosan profileicon Avarosan grain. Ashe's intent was clear: if Sejuani united with her tribe, the Winter's Claw would never go hungry again. To Sejuani, the gift was an insult. In Ashe's tribe, she saw men and women, slight and soft, who preferred to farm instead of fight. Her contempt for them was absolute.

Sejuani gathered her people and set the grain alight. She proclaimed that Ashe's offer of charity would bring only weakness. Stripping the envoys of their supplies, Sejuani sent them back with a message: the Winter's Claw would prove to the Avarosan that only the strong deserve to survive in the Freljord. As the grain burned behind them, Sejuani rode out with her warband to inflict the first of many painful lessons to come.

Rabble Rouser

GragasSquare Gragas' quest for the ultimate brew brought him to the Freljord. While lost in an unyielding blizzard, Gragas stumbled upon a great howling abyss. There he found a flawless shard of ice. It imbued his lager with incredible properties and kept it at perfect serving temperature. Intoxicated by his new drink, he blundered into a deteriorating negotiation between tribes discussing joining AsheSquare Ashe. Setting off a legendary brawl ending with drinks, he unwittingly saved the negotiations. Although hailed a hero, he set off into the tundra once more in search of means to the perfect pint.

War Comes to Freljord

When she was last reborn, AniviaSquare Anivia witnessed the rise of a mighty and united human tribe. She guarded their lands with pride as they prospered, but such unity could not last forever. The great tribe fractured into three, and after that upheaval, Anivia watched the people of the Freljord become embroiled in battle. As she strove to calm the turmoil tearing her home apart, Anivia began to sense a greater threat: an evil LissandraSquare presence turning the pure magic of the ice blackened and corrupt. Anivia knew if such evil took root in her home, that same darkness would find its way into her heart. The cryophoenix had to act. Anivia soon found an ally in Ashe who she offered her aid.

Hero of the Freljord

Braum OriginalSkin

Braum, the Heart of the Freljord

The frozen peaks of the Freljord have for centuries punished the weak. But as these feared glacial lands host the graves of the frail, for the mighty, the land is a cradle, a place that elevates mere strongmen into true champions. BraumSquare Braum's story started here, and as his strength and fortitude grew, so too did his legend. Today, his feats inspire all from the poorest of peasants to the fiercest of raiders. And as he prepares to bear his shield into battle once again, he goes knowing he carries the hopes and adoration of the Freljord’s people with him.

Civil War

War has recently erupted between AsheSquare Ashe's Avarosan tribe and SejuaniSquare Sejuani's Winter's Claw over who will truly rule the Freljord. Unbeknownst to them, behind the scenes, LissandraSquare Lissandra has secretly been preparing her tribe for the return of the Watchers. She has betrayed Ashe and revealed herself as the Ice Witch of legends. Now with the plan in motion, only one shall stand as Freljord's ruler after this bloody conflict.

Freljord- Intro dialogue
"The Freljord; a home to some, a grave to countless more. Lesser clans have scrambled for the right to rule this frozen land for millennia - all have failed. Now, finally three great leaders have emerged to rally the smaller tribes beneath their banners. The storms of war will cloud when their paths cross, but once this battle is over, the people will find just one tribe left, to rule the land." - LissandraSquare Lissandra


Freljord is located in the Northest part of Valoran bordering Demacia and Noxus. The currently well known locations encompassing Freljord are:

North Freljord

  • Ruined Fortress Of The Iceborn
  • Vaults Of The Iceborn
  • Ice-Troll Lands
  • Ghulfrost 1
  • Ghulfrost 2
  • Vathcaer 1
  • Vathcaer 2
  • Vathcaer 3
  • The Harder Path

Other known locations in north Freljord are: Ice-Troll Lands, The Great Pinnacle, Valley of Spines, Mourncrow Tribe, etc.

  • Naljaäg: A simple milling settlement beneath a waterfall. Its original name has been lost to stone. It was cursed until NunuSquare Nunu and WillumpSquare Willump cleansed the area.
  • Warded Gateway to The Howling Abyss
  • Frozen Caverns Of The Howling Abyss
  • Bridge of The Lost
  • Hall of The Nine
  • Frostguard Citadel
  • Frostguard Citadel
  • Frostguard Citadel
  • Ridgeback Mountains: Vast mountain range that stretch across the entire northern half of the Freljord.
    • Frosthorn Peak: East peaks of the Ridgeback Mountains. Connects the Frostguard Citadel with the rest of the Freljord.
      • Fortress of the Iceborn: The ruined Fortress of the Iceborn houses a great vault full of ancient artifacts and fallen warriors.
    • Ghulfrost: Located on top of the ice cliffs of the Ridgeback Mountains, Ghulfrost is a unmarked cairn in the snow where AsheSquare Ashe discover a legendary bow made entirely of True Ice buried in the rocks.
    • Vathcaer: An Avarosan settlement. It is the village where AsheSquare Ashe grew up, previously controlled by her mother Grena.
    • Village of the Ice Children: A farming village. Settlement of herders and warriors, rivals of the Avarosan tribe.
    • Warded Gateway: Frozen cavern system leading towards Frostguard settlements.
      • Foundling Village: In the shadow of their great Citadel, the Frostguard shelter children orphaned by the cold. This is where NunuSquare Nunu was placed after he got separated from his mother when bandits attacked his tribe.
      • Howling Abyss: It serves as the massive chasm prison of the Watchers. There are numerous bridges spanning the abyss, such as the Bridge of Sorrows, Bridge of Shadow, and Bridge of the Lost. At its lower ends True Ice and its variants Dark Ice can be found. The Hall of the Nine, located there and constructed by the WillumpSquare Yeti, serves as the protective barrier that seals the Watchers. Every year, several Frostguard climb down its icey walls to get to the Hall of the Nine in order to inspect the barriers state. The Howling Abyss was the location of the last battle that sealed the Watchers several millennia ago.
      • Frostguard Citadel: Located in north-eastern part of Freljord, the Frostguard Citadel is where LissandraSquare Lissandra and her Frostguard keep Freljord's artifacts, treasures and records of its history. This is where NunuSquare Nunu found out about the yeti later named WillumpSquare Willump. It is only accessible by the Bridge of Sorrows above the Howling Abyss.
    • Yeti's Vigil: Ruins of the lost yeti civilization. Where dreams swirl in snow, an unlikely friendship was born. This is the location where NunuSquare Nunu met and befriended WillumpSquare Willump.
  • Ursine Lands: It is a land that can be found just above northern Freljord, being separated from the rest of Valoran by the Ice Sea. This is where the demigod VolibearSquare Volibear has staked out territory via his followers, the Ursine. It is probably located at or near the North Pole of Runeterra.

East Freljord

Other known locations in east Freljord are: Broken Mountain, Winterspike, etc.

  • Hearth-Home: Once a great settlement of smiths and craftsman inspired by its patron OrnnSquare Ornn, it was later unintentionally destroyed when the demigod encountered and fought VolibearSquare Volibear.
  • Ornnholm: Current residence of OrnnSquare Ornn, he has remained secluded and isolated from the rest of the Freljord after the destruction of Hearth-Home.

South Freljord

  • Pilgrim Site of Rakelstake
  • Statue of Avarosa

Other known locations in south Freljord are: Anivia's nest, etc.

  • Ironspike Mountains: They are a relatively small mountain range located in the southeast. Noxus has territory here, in the Delverhold; AniviaSquare Anivia has also made her home in these peaks.
  • Rakelstake: Located in south Freljord, Rakelstake was once a village where the Tribe of the Ice Dervish lived. Now it serves as a pilgrimage site for the Avarosans. A statue of Avarosa guards the entrance to the pilgrimage site. This is where AsheSquare Ashe and TryndamereSquare Tryndamere were oathbound.

West Freljord

  • Glaserport
  • Rygann's Reach
  • Valar's Hollow
  • Voidborn Glacial Prison

Other known locations in west Freljord are: Glacial prison, etc.

  • Frostheld: Situated within a glacial harbor in south-west Freljord, this city served as the former capital of the Avarosan tribes until it was burnt down by a Demacian fleet, led by Rodian.
  • Glaserport: A settlement located on the Lokfar peninsula in western Freljord. The location has a harbor known for its chained wolfships.
  • Lokfar: A western peninsula that is home to OlafSquare Olaf and his tribe.
  • Rygann's Reach: Rumored to have been cursed by an evil mage and her BrandSquare son, the settlement that once stood here was burned to the ground many centuries ago.
  • Valar's Hollow: A Trader settlement. For countless generations, merchants and traders would gather here throughout the winter months, before venturing into the icy north.



Sejuani OriginalSkin

SejuaniSquare Sejuani on a Drüvask known as BristleSquare Bristle.

Drüvask are giant war-hogs of the Freljord. Their fur is white to better adapt to the Freljords snowy environment. Young juvenile drüvask are used for their meat, but if trained and left to mature to adulthood they can be used as battle mounts. One such drüvask is BristleSquare Bristle, SejuaniSquare Sejuani's mount. An adult drüvask is large enough to handle an adult Iceborn, having massive tusks which are able to ram and impale grounded enemies. Their bodies are able to withstand true ice, as Bristle has several true ice pieces placed on his shoulders which enable the drüvask to perform small amounts of true ice magic.


Freljord Elnüks 01

A herd of Elnüks.

The Elnüks are large shaggy buffalo like quadrupedal mammalian herbivores. Unique to the lands of the Freljord. Shepherds herd their flocks to graze on the slopes during the hotter seasons. They have thick fur coats and large swirling curved tusks. These coats are sheared and woven into warm clothing and other textiles by the Freljordians. Beside their thick coats, the Elnüks are usually a primary source of meat well as the main currency of many tribes. They are also used for riding.


Ancient Krug OriginalSkin

KrugSquare Krugs and Ancient KrugSquare Ancient Krug.

KrugSquare Krugs are magical fusion of flora, fauna, and rock native to Valoran. Despite its rock like appearance, its behavior is very much of an animal reminiscent of a bear, wolf, or a bettle. The creature is powered by nature magic. Larger forms of this creature are called Ancient KrugSquare Ancient Krugs.


Ashe The Harder Path

Mammoth Mounts.

Mammoths are giant mammalian herbivores of the Freljord. They are commonly equipped with long, curved tusks, large trunks, and a covering of long hair. While mammoths are sometimes hunted for their meat and bones, most freljordians warriors start taming them when they are young and ride them as battle mounts. Mammoth riders are well respected and feared, due to their mounts size and deadliness. Mammoths can also be used to move large amount of cargo, as well as ships on smooth icey terrain.


Legend of the Poro King background

PoroSquare Poros and the Poro KingSquare Poro King.

PoroSquare Poros are a are the mysterious, magical, and most-loved creatures originating from the Howling Abyss. Poros are equal parts truth, valor, and innocence. The colour of their fur is described as “very light blue, like Freljordian snow”. They have a heart-shaped underbelly because they’re made of love. A poro’s horns perk up when it’s excited and droop down when it’s scared. Poros paddle through deep snow with their front paws. Some believe that poros are indestructible—though at one point we animated poros to keel over and twitch if they ran into the Abyss’ fountains. Poros stick their tongue out because they are incredibly warm. This is why they can survive the harsh cold environment of the Howling Abyss. Poro-Snax item Poro-Snax are frosted with Freljordian ice crystals and are a favourite treat of this creature. The leader of the Poros is known as the Poro KingSquare Poro King.


Crimson Raptor OriginalSkin

RaptorSquare Raptors and Crimson RaptorSquare Crimson Raptor.

RaptorSquare Raptors are an avian species native to Valoran and Ionia. While incapable of flight, they have large strong back legs and large front teeth used for hunting. This species tents to its young until they can fend for themselves against larger predators. When born their feathers are the predominantly blue-greenish color, once they mature their obtain the Crimson RaptorSquare Crimson Raptor look. Their feathers are used for making Raptor Cloak item cloaks. It is said that killing a Crimson Raptor with the spell of Smite grants unto the victor the keen senses of the beast, allowing them to see unseen threats.


Nunu Update Splash still

Yeti known as WillumpSquare Willump with human boy named NunuSquare Nunu.

Ancient & noble civilization-builders, the Yeti derived their magic from Naljaäg a gem holding memories of mortals' heroic feats. However, a LissandraSquare blind betrayer unleashed an icy cataclysm which decimated the Yeti civilization and robbed the Yeti of their magic, resulting in most Yeti descending into Consume savagery. Only WillumpSquare one still faithfully and zealously guards these magical memories.

Ashe Warmother 3 pr05

A Grellfeen attacking AsheSquare Ashe.


Grellfeen are giant frost-like serpents originating from the northern icey salt waters of the Freljord, specifically the Ice Sea area near the Ursine Lands. They have a row sword sharp teeth used for ripping of flesh. Like the frost serpents, they have a thick sharp hide that enables them to survive low temperatures. Unlike their relatives, the grellfeen can grow to an enormous size, being able to rap its entire limbless body around a Freljordian ship. They have large bloodshot eyes and front nostrils. The Ursine usually hunt these animals for sport and food, although some tribes have also been seen hunting them when times are desperate. Their meat can be carved into large chunks and transported by boat to the coast.

Frost Serpents

Frost serpents are feared beasts that originate from the Freljord, specifically Lokfar. They have sharp, almost crystal like front teeth and large disk shaped eyes located at the bottom half of their head. They have a thick sharp hide that enables them to survive low temperatures. They got their name from their color, which invokes a frosty appearance.

Scuttler Crab

Rift Scuttler OriginalSkin

A Rift ScuttlerSquare Scuttler Crabs.

Rift ScuttlerSquare Scuttler Crabs or Rift Scuttlers live in the fresh waters of Valoran and can be found near the docks of Bilgewater. They are small green-shelled crustaceans with 3 pairs of legs and one pair of front claws. They sometimes bury themselves into the muck of the river to avoid predators and are known to either avoid or flee from dangers. To confer peaceful resolution (hence the elusive pacifist nickname) to the force that subdues it, it will grant them a boon: a persistent field around it that grants vision and magical speed to the aggressor and its allies. If corrupted by The Void, a Rift Scuttler turns into a Rift HeraldSquare Rift Herald.


The Freljordians are an ever divided people. Tribes fighting for dominance for what little resources they can find. Throughout the nations history, the only known instance of its people uniting was at the time of the "Three Sisters" known as Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra. During that time, the three sisters and their closest human allies were empowered by Watcher magic to become the first Iceborn. With the Watchers defeated, most of Freljords history was rewritten, the truth kept secret by the Frostguard and their nearly immortal ruler. However, some truths lingered on for millennia as legends and tales, pass down by storytellers and bards.

While the nation is comprised of numerous tribes, the largest among these are the Avarosan, the Winter's Claw, and the Frostguard. The tribes are ruled by the three respective Matriarchs: AsheSquare Ashe, the Frost Archer; SejuaniSquare Sejuani, Fury of the North; and LissandraSquare Lissandra, the Ice Witch.

Nunu Frozen Hearts 02

Notai Caravans


Freljord has a very different view of relationships than the rest of Runeterra. This is mostly due to several reasons: a matriarchal society; a historically migratory and often outright nomadic culture; existence of healing magic (which reduces infant and mother deaths during birth); dangerous climates; starvation; tribal warfare; and extremely horrific creatures could attack at any time.

Instead being a contract about land and property, the Freljordians live under contracts of obligation and family membership. The oath someone gives is a statement of fealty to the safety of the person they oathbouded under and most importantly their children.

In exchange for this pledge a freljordian an their family are now a part of that extended network. The oath is also a very public declaration of duty and complicated politically. Because depending on freljordians rank they may have many overlapping commitments, which relate to their social rank within the extended tribe.

For example, a great male warrior might be Oathbound to the tribal chief (a warmother) whom he has no children with, but she might take that man's mate's and his mother's oath as her sisters, thus their children are now under the tribal chief's protection too. However in that case, his loyalty would be expected to be the warmother and the warmother's children's first. It's possible the warmother might directly adopt this man's children too in order to more directly honor his importance to her clan.

All of this ultimately is because mothers and children are considered the most important elements in that society, specially magically gifted ones. A persons future and the future of their clan is unlikely to be determined by owning a castle or farmlands, but it is very likely that having few more children (especially those who are Iceborn, skinwalkers, or other) will make potential warriors/defenders allied with them.

Masculinity then also reflects these themes. BraumSquare Braum being a prime example. His reputation as a protector of his tribe is more important than who he has defeated in battle or what he has conquered, and this makes him extremely desirable and extremely well respected.

On the woman's side, it would be nearly unthinkable and scandalous for a high ranking woman to have a intimate intercourse with someone outside of one of her oathbound (which is not to say they have intimate intercourse with all of their oathbound).[2]

The Freljordians use "summer" to count years. It is also used to express the age of a person. For example: “The child was two summers, but as small and frail as one on its first spring.”

The Ancient Freljordian language is among the oldest attested human languages on Runeterra; traces of some other pre-Freljordian adstrate languages can still be detected in names like AniviaSquare Anivia(Latin-based?), IvernSquare Ivern(Celtic-based), LissandraSquare Lissandra(Greek-based), OrnnSquare Ornn, VolibearSquare Volibear, & SejuaniSquare Sejuani(unknown).

  • Ancient Freljordian vocabulary:
    (Old Norse-based, with English cognates in italics)
    • Alein - Alone.
    • Belger - Bellows.
    • Belyser - **Belixes "illuminates, belights, belies".
    • Bi - By.
    • Bjergen - Barrow "mountain".
    • Blæser - Blazes, "blows".
    • Bliver - B(e)lives, "remains > becomes".
    • Brei - Broad "wide".
    • Bro - Brow "bridge"
    • Brennen - Burn.
    • Bunnløs - Bottomless.
    • Dag - Day.
    • De - The.
      • Det - That.
    • Del(s) - Dell(s).
    • Du - Thou "ye ~ you" (nominative).
      • Din - Thine~Thy "your(s)" (possessive).
    • Ein~En~'N - One~An~A.
    • Elkur - Elk
    • Fald'n - Fallen.
    • Floð - Flood.
    • Finner - Find.
    • Fjerner - **Far (v.) "distance, withdraw, remove, bar".
    • Fjell - Fell "mountain".
    • Formend - forming
    • Frá - From.
    • Fri - Free.
    • Frosset - Frozen.
    • Gnist - Gnast "spark".
    • God - God.
      • Guddommelig - **Goddomly "godly, divine".
    • Grå - Gray.
    • Grøp - Grave "pit(s)".
    • Halv - Half.
    • Hand - Hand.
    • Hans - He-yon's "his".
    • Her - Here.
    • Hule - Hollow.
    • Hyl - Howls.
    • Ik - One-what > "no" (see Jespersen's Cycle on how indefinite particles become negatives).
    • Ilð - **Eld "fire".
    • Is - Is.
    • Jord - Earth.
    • Ken - Ken "know".
    • Klar - Clear.
    • Kløften - Cleft "chasm".
    • Kongerik - Kingrike "kingdom".
    • Kraft - Craft, in context "force".
    • Lang - Long.
      • Langer - Longer.
    • Malm - Malm "ore".
    • Med - Mid "with".
      • > Men > Men til - "but".
    • Mørk - Murky "dark".
    • Naljaäg - "Stone" (borrowed from Yeti language)
    • Nær - Near (adv.)
      • Nærmer - Near (v.)
    • Og - Eke "and".
    • Ornn - Ornn (pre-Freljordian theonym, meaning unknown).
    • Rök - Reek "Smoke".
    • Rund(t) - (a)round in context, "through[out]".
    • Sin - **Sine, "its".
    • Skal - Shall.
    • Sky - **Shee "sky".
      • Skyer - **Sheen "skies".
    • Smed - Smith.
      • Smedning - Smithening "forging".
    • Som - Some, in context "as, like".
    • Spring - Spring (v.) "leap".
    • Stål - Steel.
    • Står ~ Stend - Stands.
    • Stein - Stone (native)
    • Stige - Sty "rise".
    • Stjern - Star.
    • Sún - Soon.
    • Songur - Song.
    • Syng(e) - Sing. (both verb & noun from one same root sengʷʰ-)
    • Svell(e) - Swell.
    • Tapt - **Tapped "sacrificed > lost"[3](more here)
    • Tæt - Tight (adv.) "close".
    • Tim(e) - Time.
    • Tón - Tone.
    • Tvers - Thwart (adv.) "across".
    • Uhindret - Unhindered "unbridled".
    • Utands - Outondes "breathes out, exhales".
    • Utbryt - **Outbreet "erupt".
    • Ved - With "by, at, near".
    • Veg - Way "path".
    • Verk - Work.
    • Vet - Wit "know".
    • Vi - We.
    • Vind - Wind.

Over the course of its history, Freljordians have formed their own terms and slang:

  • Heartbound - Human inhabitants of the Freljord. Unable to Survive the same extremes as the Iceborn. They make up the majority of the population. The Term sometimes is used by Iceborn as a slur or insult.
  • Svaag - A common slur or insult close to "damn".
  • Vedmah - A Freljordian oracle or witch who divines through magical means.
  • Warmblood - A casual term used by Iceborn to describe normal humans. It is synonymous with hearthbound, but has no negative connotations.


  • Freljordian Home 1
  • Freljordian Home 2
  • Freljordian Village
  • Vaults Of The Iceborn
  • Ruined Fortress Of The Iceborn
  • Freljordian Architecture 1
  • Freljordian Architecture 2

If there was a word that would best describe Freljordian architecture, it would be enduring. Freljordian houses are built to withstand harsh winters. Most tribal homes have roofs that connect directly with the ground. From simple huts, to lavish long houses, modern Freljordian architecture uses variety of wood and stone material. Ancient Freljordian architecture was built of stone and other magical objects such as runes or true ice.


  • People Of The Tribes 1
  • People Of The Tribes 2
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Notai Tribeswoman and her son
  • Avarosa
  • Lissandra
  • Young Ashe
  • Helnr
  • Grena
  • Maalcrom 1
  • Maalcrom 2

Freljordian clothing is mostly made to withstand the harsh environments of the land. Warriors are mostly clad in armor and leather, other bare chested to show off their hardiness to the cold. Freljordian tattoos are designed simplistic geometric patterns and mostly worn by warriors as a symbol of strength. All Freljordians wear some level of fur or insulated fabric. Iceborn and their descendants are able to withstand lower temperatures so some of them can be seen wearing very little or no insulating fabrics.


  • Tribal Weaponry
  • True Ice
  • Tribal Weaponry: The blades and bows used by the tribes are fashioned from wood, steel, and bone, and in the rarest cases may also incorporate True Ice.
  • True Ice: It occurs naturally and never melts, although it is extremely rare. Only Iceborn warriors can stand its freezing touch, and may wield it in battle.

Lost Tales

Unlike a handful of other deities worshiped throughout Runeterra's different cultures, the Freljordian gods are physical real beings that manifest as spiritual animals and each were conceived from some transcendental force that bonds them together like siblings. However most of these divine spirits have faded into obscurity over the eons, as the Freljord has dissolved into warring factions and tribal splinters.

Where some legends are still being shared, those stories have been misinterpreted far beyond any recollected truth and many times have fellow Freljordians engaged in brutal conflict over their religious conjecture, from drunken bar brawls to merciless wars. Now the only demi-gods to be remembered have been those few who still actively interact with their worshipers.

Litanies of Truth

Resist not cold’s embrace, for within it lies truth.

Be as one with the ice, and understanding shall follow.
Endure, without complaint.
The ice begs not for mercy, nor offers it.
Neither shall we.
Fear not pain, nor seek to avoid its blessing.
Without it, there can be no life.
Turn not from pain, for pain is life, and its absence means death.
Savor its caress.
Welcome it.
And when death comes, flinch not from its approach.

From ice we are born, and to ice we return.

Story of Naljaäg

Where waters

Once roared,
Winds whisper
To stone.
In shadow,
Naljaäg lies.
Silence sings.

Hope survives.

The Path to Hearth-Home

The Path to Hearth-Home
Dark smoke exhales, from the mountain half

And wind blows through hollow dells
Skies clear as day, shall soon turn gray
And you'll know, you're nearing Ornn

Barring your path is a chasm wide
Howls rise from fathomless pits
But close stands a bridge, frozen by time
And across, you'll soon find Ornn

River of fire, that scorches the earth
Belies his kingdom of stone
And steel sings its tone, as a god stands alone
The shaping hand, we know as Ornn

Sparks leap and fly from the star-fallen ore
Forging his works, divine
Bellows erupt, with unbridled force

No longer lost - the Mountainsmith, Ornn


The Freljord is mostly structured in a non-hereditary matriarchal fashion. Tribes are led by a warmother; ranks under her may include the following: bloodkin, steelskins, claw leaders, sisters (a rank), icewalkers, thralls, champions (several husbands who are the toughest in the tribe), allied shamans, lost tribe relatives, related clans, and more.

Regular barbarian tribes have various systems and customs different from the main structure. TryndamereSquare Tryndamere's tribe, for example, is patriarchal.

Freljord has become a land of endless conflict since the time of the Three Sisters. Tribal leaders fight for resources, alliances, and territories.


Freljord Avarosan Icon
Freljord- Avarosan Ashe
"It is our duty to speak of unity, here among the ruins of our past. Now our people stand divided, torn apart by ancient hatreds. Brothers and sisters, our enemy is not our neighbor. Our enemy is a land without law and a long winter's night. It is hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos. Look around you, these monuments from a bygone age, each older and grander than anything wrought by our hands. These are the works of a united Freljord, a fractured land that we can repair. From these ruins, we can raise a great nation. We are the people of the Freljord, and this land belongs to us all." - AsheSquare Ashe

The Avarosan profileicon Avarosan are those whom are loyal to Ashe OriginalCircle Original Ashe. While others war, Ashe works day and night to establish a single alliance throughout the Freljord. They are an agglomeration of progressive tribes that believe in diplomacy through the teachings of Avarosa. They dwell mostly in the slightly warmer regions, and many settlements under their banner are agrarian. Though Ashe's methods are peaceful, she is still backed by a powerful and committed army. Ashe has many tribes allied with her and several people such as: AniviaSquare Anivia, BraumSquare Braum, GragasSquare Gragas, and TryndamereSquare Tryndamere.

Freljord Pilgrim Site Of Rakelstake

Pilgrim Site Of Rakelstake

There are several other tribes who were absorbed or allied with the Avarosan:

  • Ice Veins: Only information about them is that they are now a part of Ashe's tribe.
  • Red Snow: Coastal tribe to the south-east. This tribe defeated Noxian warbands.
  • Stonepicks: Formerly lived in the southern mountains.
  • Snow Followers: Tribe of extreme brutality. Former Warmother was Hildhur Svarhem. Hildhur had a true ice axe called Joutbane as a weapon.
  • Tryndamere's Tribe: They were known for their dueling skills. The had a patriarchal system of governance until a large amount of the tribe was decimated. Its former leader, TryndamereSquare Tryndamere, is oathbound to AsheSquare Ashe.

Freljord Winters Claw Icon
Freljord- Winters Claw Sejuani
"They plead for mercy when they hear our drums, but the wolf owes no consideration to the prey. We do not sow seeds and till earth like the Avarosan. We do not stand watch over shattered ruins like the Frostguard. We do not pity the meek, for courage is the true salvation of the Freljord! We are the war cry of the wind, we are the strength of the mountains. We are the claws of winter!" - SejuaniSquare Sejuani

The Winter's Claw profileicon Winter's Claw tribe is led by the ferocious SejuaniSquare Sejuani. Sejuani wishes to conquer the Freljord through absolute strength. In her eyes, the Freljord is a place where only the strong deserve to prosper. Warlike and traditionalist, they gather food and supplies from the high plains, forests, and northern waterways during the summer. In winter months, they survive by raiding southwards over the ice-covered seas. As Sejuani raids, her warriors allow the stalwart to live under her banner while they pillage the weaker tribes, leaving them without the means to sustain themselves. Once her work is done, only the mighty will be left in the Freljord. Sejuani has many tribes allied with her and several people such as: OlafSquare Olaf, UdyrSquare Udyr, and VolibearSquare Volibear.

Freljord Ice-Locked Harbor

Glaserport Ice-Locked Harbor

There are several other tribes who were absorbed or allied with the Winter's Claw:

  • Stone Tooth: Absorbed by the Winter's Claw by battle.

Freljord Frostguard Icon
Freljord- Frostguard Lissandra
"We are the chosen, destined to receive the gifts of the Watchers. Our faith is tested by bitter cold and endless winter. A crucible that separates the worthy from the unworthy, purging doubt, and leaving purity behind. The others fight like neglected children, petty squabbles that will amount to nothing in the end. We have purpose: to prepare this land for new masters. The Watchers return. Our ascendance is at hand." - LissandraSquare Lissandra

The Frostguard profileicon Frostguard dwell hidden beneath an eternal winter, deep in the ruins of the ancient Freljord. They live among the ancient ruins to the far north, protecting their leader LissandraSquare Lissandra as she watches over the Howling Abyss. A cult shrouded in secrecy, the Frostguard archive of all Freljords archaic history. Though seemingly peaceful, the truth of the Frostguard's allegiance is far more disturbed. The world had forgotten the terrible enemy that ruled the Freljord long ago and was cast into the depths of the Howling Abyss following a long and brutal battle. And now, whilst the ignorant sleep, Lissandra keeps the Watchers at bay and plots to rule over all of Runeterra. Even so, missionaries and healers from the cult are common throughout the Freljord. The trolls and their king, TrundleSquare Trundle, have allied themselves with Lissandra, while NunuSquare Nunu temporarily lived among the Frostguard.

Freljord Warded Gateway To The Howling Abyss

Warded Gateway To The Howling Abyss

There are several other tribes who were absorbed or allied with the Frostguard:

  • Chosen Children: Their warchief was Helmgar Cragheart before being killed by Sigvar Half-Quiver. Current state unknown, presumably decimated.
  • Draklorn: High ranking frost priests, often assigned to regional villages as sources of social and religious authority.

Freljord Volibear
"The Ursine cannot know peace without war." - VolibearSquare Volibear

The Ursine, or The Lost Ones, dwell in the north most parts of the Freljord. Entirely consisted of Spirit Walkers, the Ursine are human shapeshifters who serve the Great Spirit of the Bear known as VolibearSquare Volibear. Volibears servants are entirely devoted to their masters will and cause. While some retain their human appearance, most permanently shapeshift into grotesque approximations of wild animals and other types of monsters. The tribe has existed for as long as humans settled the Freljord, ever feared and respected by the lands inhabitants. While humans and Iceborn alike have not been able to defeat this tribe, the Winter's Claw SejuaniSquare Sejuani and UdyrSquare Udyr have been able to form a temporary alliance with the Ursine to fight other larger tribes such as the Avarosan and Frostguard. Only a few beings are able to match Volibears might, such as the Great Spirit of the Ram known as OrnnSquare Ornn.

Freljord Silence for the Damned

Silence for the Damned

  • Broken Tooth: Enemies of the Avarosan. They can read the star constellations and can navigate them. The map that led Ashe to the legendary true ice bow was theirs before it got stolen by the Avarosan. It is unknown what the final fate of this tribe was.
  • Ice Children: This is a mountain tribe from north Freljord, known for their extreme rivalry with the Avarosan. They welcome the frost priests and are seemingly venerating the faith of The Three Sisters. The Ice Children are rich in animals and have a giant herd of Elnüks.
  • Mourncrow: They battled Sigvar in the Valley of Spines. State unknown, presumably killed by Sigvar and the Frostguard.
  • Notai: Previously NunuSquare Nunu's tribe, the Notai were a nomadic tribe that travelled across the Freljord, settling at a given place until the coming of winter when they would migrate to warmer southern lands. Choosing a non-violent lifestyle, the tribes culture revolved around gathering tales and myths from different corners of the Freljord. The tribe had a deep veneration for the Demi-God AniviaSquare Anivia, finding solace and guidance from her teachings. The current state of the tribe is unknown, however NunuSquare Nunu's caravan group was decimated by a surprise Frostguard attack, due to the Notai harboring ancient secrets of the land that LissandraSquare Lissandra wants to keep a secret.
  • Tusk Crow: This tribe attacked a Frostguard caravan guarded by Sigvar, after which they were mostly slaughtered.
  • Vargkin: Enemies of the Winter's Claw. Current state unknown.



At least some inhabitants in Bilgewater are of Freljordian descent, and occasionally one finds inverted Freljordian longships against the carved cliff faces. Freljordian fishermen constantly trade with the nation.


Demacia and the people that now make up Freljord have had a history of conflict, albeit nowhere near as grievous as the conflict between Noxus and the northern barbarian tribes. Both AsheSquare Ashe and TryndamereSquare Tryndamere have been highly critical of Demacia’s neutrality during Noxus’ Barbarian Pacification Campaigns. In fact, Demacia had been quite protective of its territory, turning away refugees during the campaign’s more bloody episodes. Likewise, Demacia’s northern homesteads were often targeted by barbarian raiding parties, to the point where a member of the Dauntless Vanguard, named Rodian, led an expedition that succeeded in burning down the city of Frostheld.[4] Both governments have a great deal of diplomatic work ahead of them before they can bridge the gap that spans decades of distrust.


Freljordians, especially "barbarian" populations, have ill will towards Noxus. Noxus is working to sow dissent within the Freljord, holding it back from ever truly challenging Noxus as a nation.


Freljord profileicon
  • Officially, Rioters explained that Freljord means "frozen ground" in unspecified Nordic dialects;[5] however, the expected Old Norse forms would've been *frosin jǫrð & *frosna jǫrðin, from Proto-Germanic *fruzanō erþō.
    • Unofficially, Freljord better resembles unattested Old Norse *frjáls jǫrð & *frjálsa jǫrðin from proto-form *frijahalsō erþō, lit. "free(-halsed) earth".
Trundle's Club

Trundle's "Boneshiver"


Runeterra Adventure Freljord

Runeterra Adventure Freljord

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