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The Founding of the Freljord is a historical period stretching over a thousand years that encompasses multiple events leading to the unification of the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord. This event speaks of a selection of Freljordian Demi-gods who stood against the rising civilization of Humanity and the emergence of the True Iceborn.


On the slopes of the mountain Ornn's Ornn's home, known as Hearth-Home, a group of humans later known as Hearthblood created a settlement, dedicating their lives to crafting various weapons, tools, and other objects as worship to Ornn, who they considered their patron with the goal of reaching his idea of perfection.

It was around this time that the Three Sisters we're born, being Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra. Born in a world of wilder magic, the three dedicated their lives to search for a way to control the powerful, magical forces of the world. Serylda attempted to command the heavens above them, but lost her voice to the first twilight the first twilight, Avarosa faced the twisting dark beneath the world, and was deafened by its emptiness, but Lissandra Lissandra stood against the wild magic of the world, seeking to control the natural magic of the Demi-gods themselves.

Ornn and Volibear battling.

One of the most warlike Demi-gods, Valhir Valhir, was vocally angered by the Three Sisters' defiance and their conquest for power. While other gods sought to reason with the sisters, such as Anivia Anivia, Valhir and the Iron Boar wanted to destroy them for their opposition. To prepare for war, Valhir requested his older brother Ornn, with the help of his followers, to forge weapons and armor for the Ursine army. Ornn, however, refused to do so, disapproving of the Ursine's savagery. Furious with this denial, a destructive and horiffic fight erupts between the brothers, ending with Valhir cursing his brother's name and stripping himself of his rune-inscribed armor rune-inscribed armor, as well as the destruction of Ornn's devoted followers the Hearthblood.

Empowered with rage by his previous battle with Ornn, Valhir confronted one of the sisters, Lissandra Lissandra, in vicious battle. Eventually overpowering her, he struck her down and slashed her eyes, blinding her slashed her eyes, blinding her in front of her army.

Now blinded and having lost her conquest to control the powers of the Demi-gods, Lissandra resorted to the art of Dreamwalking and managed to communicate with the Watchers. Through Lissandra and her mortal mind, the Watchers saw a chance to invade the material realm through manipulation. And so, unknown to her sisters, Lissandra struck a deal on their behalf with the Watchers; they would grant the sisters and their followers near-immortality and the power to take over the Freljord in exchange for preparing Runeterra for the arrival of Void Crest icon.png the Void. With their new-found power, the Three Sisters unite the Freljord and begin their conquest to defeat the Freljordian Demi-gods.

Though the truth is unknown, there is an old Freljordian myth centered around this time period that involves the construction of the massive bridge above the fabled Howling Abyss, where the Frostguard Citadel would later be built. It is said that the Three Sisters, still young with their quest to rule the Freljord, sought out Ornn to build the bridge for a possibly unknown reason, but one tale implies the bridge's true purpose; to keep the Watchers from escaping the Howling Abyss. Ornn begrudgingly agreed to the task, using a hammer constructed from a meteor gifted by the sisters.

Meanwhile, a notably vicious Freljordian marauder named Ivern the Cruel Ivern the Cruel, an avid follower of the Demi-gods, grew displeased by the Three Sisters. Thus, he and his warband set out in search of a means to stop their rule, traveling to the fabled First Lands, rumored to be the source of all magic. Here, he and his fellow warriors are escorted by the natives to Omikayalan, where the God-Willow is found. It is here that the ancient tree's guardians, the Vastayashai'rei, slaughtered Ivern's followers. Ivern however struck at the tree, killing it but allowing him to transform into the sapling of the next God-Willow.