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Fossbarrow is a town located in the Rocky Highlands in northern Demacia. It borders with the Freljord.


The town is named after the Demacian hero Fossian Crownguard, whose tomb is near the town itself. It was the site of a horrific incident between the Dauntless Vanguard and an unknown nightmarish shade nightmarish shade that threatened the town. The town occupies the banks of the Serpentrion, a thundering river that rose in the mountains and snaked to the western coast. The town's walls of polished granite follow the line of the hills, and the buildings within are wrought from stone, seasoned timber and bottle-green roof tiles. The tower of a Lightbringer temple is located in the eastern part of town. The current Magistrate of Fossbarrow is Lady Giselle.

Related Champions

  • Garen Garen and the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard traveled to Fossbarrow to expel a demon from the town.
  • Lux Lux traveled to Fossbarrow to expel a demon from the town.
  • Nocturne Nocturne haunted and harassed the townsfolk until he was expelled by Crownguard Garen and Lux.


  • Fossian Crownguard's Tomb: Location where an evil spirit an evil spirit possessed a child which was later saved by Lux Lux.
  • Temple of the Lightbringers: A local temple of the Lightbringer, it is where Lux Lux was stationed during the events For Demacia.



Magistrates are the provincial rulers of Demacia. They are tasked to enforce Demacian rule in cities or villages outside the capital.

Magistrates Description
Giselle Current Magistrate of Fossbarrow. Her son Luca was saved by Garen Garen and Lux Lux from demonic demonic possession.


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