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The Formation of Runeterra is a historical event that spans across a vast amount of time, going from the creation of Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra to the creation of modern humans.


As an unknown group of beings began forging Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra with the World Runes, two separate realms came into existence with it.

  • The Physical Realm, acting as the material manifestation of Runeterra, the source of all Elemental Magic and eventually the home to many mortal races and other forms of life.
  • The Spirit Realm, a parallel pocket of existence where time and space are more obscure. As the the source of all Spiritual Magic on Runeterra, The Glade, being the oldest pocket of raw primordial magic within the Spirit Realm, was probably created at this time.

During the very early years of Runeterra's existence, the first instances of life appeared within Runeterra's Spirit Realm, that being the various forms of primordial spirits:

As the first signs of flora and fauna appeared in the Physical Realm of Runeterra, such Terrestrial Dragons, the contemporary continents and isles began to form on the planet's surface, like the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles and by extension the nature spirit Maokai Maokai. An unknown amount of time after the formation of the many landmasses, the first Runeterran civilizations started to shape beneath the oceans and seas such as a civilization of an unnamed sapient marine species somewhere under the Guardian's Sea. Fizz Fizz arrived on Runeterra and started living with these early Runeterrans.

At some point in time after the first civilizations started to rise, the Freljordian Demi-gods, like Ornn Ornn, Anivia Anivia, Valhir Valhir, Iron Boar and the Seal Sister, came to be.[1][2] The Freljordian demi-gods terraform the land known as the Freljord Crest icon.png Vorrijaard that will eventually be called the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord.

Information about the Demi-gods shaping the landscape of the Freljord are found mostly through myths and legends told by their followers. Some of the most notable stories include that of Ornn and Valhir slaying a giant magma-serpent named Rhond, with their battle causing the creation of many valleys, ravines and finally a river by using the serpent's blood. Another tale tells of the origin of the Freljord's snowy landscape, which involved Ornn's search for a suitable home. The myth says that Ornn's first house, called "Horn Hall," was burned down by accident when Anivia, angered at her brother for felling her favorite perching trees to build his home, played a prank on him by tickling his nose with her feathers, causing him to sneeze a gout of flames and thus setting his home ablaze. With this, he decided to construct his second home, using his mighty tools to dig into a giant black mountain with a forge of primordial molten flame inside, dubbing it "Hearth-Home." The heat coming from this mountain however was so intense that even Ornn couldn't endure it, so with the aid of his sister the Seal-Sister, he dug a trench to the ocean where she allowed cold waters to rush into and cool the Hearth-Home, causing a copious amount of steam that eventually froze into clouds of snow, snowing for a hundred years. Though the validity of these tales is up for debate, it's still no doubt that the Demi-gods had a major hand in the formation of the Freljord.

After a vast, unknown amount of time, multiple mortal species came into existence, like Trolls, Minotaurs, Yetis and most notably the Humans, who gather into many settlements, tribes and early civilizations across Runeterra. It's around this time that some Yordles began to live openly among the mortals, such as Gnar Gnar with the ancient Yeti civilization. Humans quickly became the most common and widespread of these races, settling in various corners of the world. Humans of Ancient Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, known as the First Lands First Lands began to adapt and live in harmony with their environment and with the Spirit Realm, while humans in the Freljord Crest icon.png Vorrijaard gathered into various tribes and began worshipping the regional Demi-gods. On an unknown continent in the Eastern hemisphere of Runeterra, another group of humans began to settle, some of which would eventually become the ancient and now lost Camavor Crest icon.png Kingdom of Camavor.

As an unspecified amount of time passes, the many ancient civilizations under the sea are destroyed, such as what happened to the unknown kingdom beneath the Guardian's Sea due to a rising amount of predators like the Gigalodons. Grief stricken and extremely lonely, Fizz Fizz goes into a catatonic state due to his fading Yordle magic, hibernating for millennia.


  • While it is described as being the oldest entity in the known Timeline, Nagakabouros's true nature is entirely unclear and information regarding it is lacking. What little has been revealed comes solely from Illaoi Illaoi, who's understanding of Nagakabouros has been questioned by Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol as inadequate. So far, no accounts or descriptions that describe what Nagakabouros has done or intends to do have been revealed. Therefore, it is not known what significant role Nagakabouros plays in the lore, if any.