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For similar items, see Sunfire Aegis Sunfire Aegis, Sunfire Cape Sunfire Cape, or Forgefire Cape Forgefire Cape.
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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

  • This item has been removed on patch V12.22.

Forgefire Crest was a mythic item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. Could only be forged by Ornn Ornn.


Forgefire Crest item
Forgefire Crest
3200 Gold 3200 (0 Gold 0)
Sunfire Aegis item
3200 Gold 3200 (800 Gold 800)
Bami's Cinder item
1000 Gold 1000 (200 Gold 200)

Cost Analysis

Mythic passive gold value
  • 50 health = 133 133.33
  • Total Gold Value = 133 133.33

Gold Value

Gold efficiency

  • Forgefire Crest's Forgefire Crest's base stats are 130.21% gold efficient.
  • Forgefire Crest's Forgefire Crest's gold efficiency is increased by 4.17% for every other Legendary item.
  • The raw stats gained from upgrading Sunfire Aegis Sunfire Aegis into Forgefire Crest Forgefire Crest are worth 1103 1103.33 (15 armor, 5 ability haste, 150 health, and 15 magic resistance).

Similar items


  • Forgefire Crest' mythic passive can grant up to 250 bonus health and 25% tenacity and slow resist with 5 other Legendary items.
  • Immolate and Flametouch both deal Umbra Blades default damage, and thus they will not trigger spell effects.
  • Immolate and Flametouch are auto-targeted effects.
  • Immolate will deal 24 (+ 2.8% bonus health) magic damage while at 6 stacks, further increased to 30 (+ 3.5% bonus health) against Minion icon minions and to 60 (+ 7% bonus health) against Monster icon monsters.
  • The aura increases if the user increases in size, but is not impacted by their base size.
    • The aura cannot get reduced below the base radius by negative size modifiers.
  • Because the aura effect must reach an enemy's center to damage them, some melee champions will not apply the effect at their maximum attack range against champions or Monster icon monsters with a large enough collision radius (for example the Dragon Dragon or Rift Herald Rift Herald).


  • The increase in Immolate's damage as well as the Flametouch effect allows Tank icon Tanks to dish out tons of damage while being hard to kill. This is very valuable as they usually rely on the base damage of their abilities.
  • Immolate's burning effect can help champions with otherwise poor wave or jungle clear to be able to efficiently clear minion waves and jungle camps. It also serves as a reliable source of damage in fights.
  • Immolate can be use as a reinforce damage to champs who already haves an ability with similar effect, like Amumu and Nautilus.
  • The Immolate's damage can be stack with others champs Immolate's damage.
    • As a high risk or optional tactic, every or most of the champs in the team can build items with Immolate passive, making the close combat very dangerous for the enemy team. It works much better in teams with champs with high survivality, gab closers or constand CCs, like Amumu and Nautilus.


Shurima Crest icon


Patch History

V12.22 - Removed
  • Removed from the game.
  • Immolate base damage changed to 15 at all levels from 12 − 30 (based on level).
  • Immolate health ratio increased to 1.75% bonus health from 1%.
  • Health increased to 600 from 500.
  • Bonus Immolate damage per stack reduced to 10% from 12%.
  • New Effect: Mythic passive now also grants 50 bonus health.
  • New Effect: Immolate now executes minions that would be killed by one more tick of damage.
  • Armor increased to 50 from 45.
  • Magic resistance increased to 50 from 45.
  • Bonus monster damage increased to 150% from 100%.
  • Bonus Immolate damage per stack increased to 12% from 10%.
  • Ability haste increased to 25 from 20.
  • Mythic passive changed to 5% tenacity and slow resistance from 5 ability haste.
V10.25 - December 15th Hotfix
  • Bonus Immolate damage per stack reduced to 10% from 12%.
  • Health reduced to 500 from 550.
  • Bug Fix: Immolate range indicator now properly increases in size with the champion.*
V10.23 - November 16th Hotfix
  • Immolate base damage reduced to 12 − 30 (based on level) from 20 − 40 (based on level).
  • Bonus minion damage reduced to 25% from 50%.
  • Bonus monster damage reduced to 150% from 200%.
V10.23 - Added
  • Recipe: Sunfire Aegis Sunfire Aegis + 0 Gold 0 = 3200 Gold 3200.
  • Stats: 550 health, 45 armor, 45 magic resistance, 20 ability haste.
  • Unique Passive - Immolate: Taking or dealing damage activates this passive for 3 seconds. Deal 20 − 40 (based on level) (+ 1% bonus health) magic damage per second to nearby enemies, increased by 50% against minions and 200% against monsters. Damaging enemy champions or epic monsters with this effect adds a stack for 5 seconds, increasing subsequent Immolate damage by 12%, stacking up to 6 times for a 72% increase.
  • Unique Passive - Flametouch: At maximum stacks, your basic attacks explode around you, burning nearby enemies for your Immolate damage for 3 seconds.
  • Mythic Passive: Empowers other Legendary items with 5 ability haste.
  • Limited to 1 Mythic item. Can only be forged by Ornn Ornn.


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