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A follower card known as "Cithria The Bold".

Follower card Followers is one of the unit cards that a player can own in the game Legends of Runeterra. However, unlike Champion card Champions, they are much less powerful and some only appear under certain conditions. Because of that, decks often build around champions.


A player can own duplicates of a follower, and unlike champion cards a player can have multiple duplicate follower cards on the board at the same time.

Some follower cards will only appear if a certain champion is on the board or if certain criteria is met.

Deck Limitations

In normal game mode, these cards can be from different regions, or have duplicates. Just like other cards, a player can have at most 3 duplicates of one follower.



  • Most follower cards are inspired by characters or creatures from the lore of League of Legends, some of which were developed before their first lore appearance.
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