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The Fog of War is the effect that takes place on areas of the map that are not within the vision range of an allied champion, minion, or ward. This means that, while a player can see the topography of any area on the map, they cannot see enemy or neutral units that are in the Fog of War. For champions, Fog of War sets in at 1200 range.

Areas which are not obscured by the Fog of War are brighter on the map.

Reveal areas in the Fog of War

There are several ways to reveal an area in the Fog of War:



Summoner spells

  • The summoner spell Clairvoyance Clairvoyance reveals a small area anywhere on the map, including brush, for 5 seconds. This vision is unaffected by topography. (1100 range)

Champion Abilities

Reveal targeted area

Reveal enemy champions and their immediate surroundings

Reveal enemy champions when hit by the ability

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