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Firelights are a species of insects that are native to Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun and are very similar to real-life fireflies. They first appeared in the music video for Enemy and would go on to have a larger appearance in Arcane.


Related Champions

  • Ekko Ekko named his gang after these bugs.
  • Caitlyn Caitlyn, Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, Jinx Jinx, and Vi Vi have all encountered Firelights in Zaun. Jinx also created bombs disguised as mechanical firelights to use against the enforcers.


A swarm of firelight bugs inside the Firelight hideout

Firelights are insects of very small size, so small that they can fit inside the mouth of a small child. They also have bioluminescent qualities and are able to emit a bright green light from their rears. It is not made clear if the bugs are green due to the toxic environment of Zaun or if green is their natural color.


After Ekko Ekko formed a gang of rebels to tear down Silco Silco's criminal empire, he named it after these bugs and came to see them as a symbol of hope and freedom. He would also go on to create hoverboards for the gang to use as transportation that would emit bright green light from their rears, serving as a sort of tribute to the insects.

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