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Finn Arcane Universe Background.jpg
Finn (Universe)Finn (Universe)

"Slickjaws provide useful services to those looking to eliminate a problem, whether by their own hand or ours. We assist in the procurement of weaponry, or manpower accordingly. Whether you're looking for a subtle poisoning or a brutal beating, we have the tools to get the job done."
Finn's Finn's Slickjaws advertisement, Enter The Undercity

Finn was an Ionia Crest icon.png Ionian chem-baron and the boss of the Slickjaws Crest icon.png Slickjaws.


Early Life

Although not much is known about Finn's early life, it is heavily implied that he started his criminal career as a teenager, given that he already saw Vander Vander as a threat at the time. After Silco Silco killed Vander, Finn came to believe that the former was the perfect man to run Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun and was more than happy to work for him.

At some point after Silco took control of the undercity, Finn made a name for himself as the boss of the Slickjaws, an illicit enterprise that specializes in assassinations, and became affiliated with several other crime lords who were also loyal to Silco, creating the first generation of chem-barons.[1]

Border Crisis

After the actions of Jinx Jinx, Silco's adoptive daughter, led Jayce Jayce to shut down the border between Zaun and Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover, trade between the two cities came to a sudden halt, causing Finn to lose massive profits. Frustrated by the fact that Silco was doing nothing to keep Jinx under control, Finn started to lose faith in the man's leadership and even attempted to convince the other chem-barons to join him in a coup against Silco. However, before they could give him an answer, Silco arrived on the scene and unleashed a toxic gas in the air to remind them of the oppressive life that he had saved them from.[1]

Although this move convinced the other chem-barons to fall back in line, Finn was not swayed and his disdain towards Silco only increased, eventually leading him to arrive at the Last Drop and have a talk with Sevika Sevika, offering her a deal if she agreed to turn on Silco.[2]

Failed Coup

After Jayce led a raid on one of Renni's Renni's factories and accidentally killed her son in the process, Finn secretly allied himself with Renni and finally attempted to overthrow Silco with her support. However, his coup attempt failed due to Sevika, who tricked him into thinking she was on his side and slit his throat with her sword, killing him on the spot.[3]





Arcane Show Appearances

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Alternate Universes

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Arcane (TV Series)

Every legend has a beginning.


  • In Arcane 2021 profileicon.jpg Arcane, Finn is voiced by Japanese musician Miyavi in both the English and Japanese dubs.[4]
  • Finn's design, especially his extensive tattoos, appears to be inspired by Yakuza gangsters.
  • Finn's leadership over the Slickjaws was first revealed in the Enter the Undercity live event, which was tied to the larger Undercity Nights event.[5][6]
    • During the Enter the Undercity live event, several cosplayers were hired by Riot to play characters from Arcane 2021 profileicon.jpg show. Finn was played by Alex Vergel and photographed by Andrew Ge.[7]



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