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Fiddlesticks OriginalCentered.jpg
Fiddlesticks (Universe)Fiddlesticks (Universe)
Fiddlesticks (League of Legends)Fiddlesticks (League of Legends)
Fiddlesticks (Teamfight Tactics)Fiddlesticks (Teamfight Tactics)
Fiddlesticks (Development)Fiddlesticks (Development)


Abomination Abomination
Brand ZombieSquare.png
Fiddlesticks OriginalTFTSquare.png
Kalista OriginalTFTSquare.png
Nunu ZombieSquare.png
Abomination Emblem TFT item.png
Revenant Revenant
Fiddlesticks OriginalTFTSquare.png
Ivern OldGodSquare.png
Nocturne OldGodTFTSquare.png
Volibear ThousandPiercedBearTFTSquare.png
Revenant Emblem TFT item.png
Mystic Mystic
Fiddlesticks OriginalTFTSquare.png
Gwen OriginalSquare.png
Lulu WickedTFTSquare.png
Lux LunarEmpressTFTSquare.png
Mystic Emblem TFT item.png


  • While Crowstorm is active, Fiddlesticks' range is locked at 2 hexes.
  • Fiddlesticks cannot gain mana while Crowstorm is active.


Patch History

  • Ability damage increased to 150 / 200 / 750 from 150 / 200 / 600.
  • Ability damage reduced to 150 / 200 / 600 from 175 / 225 / 600.
V11.15 - Added
  • Original Fiddlesticks Original Fiddlesticks
    • Tier 4 Abomination Abomination Revenant Revenant Mystic Mystic.
    • Fiddlesticks Crowstorm.png Active - Crowstorm: After a brief channel, teleports behind his target and summons a murder of crows for 4 / 5 / 6 seconds, dealing 175 / 225 / 600 (× Ability power icon.png AP) magic damage per second to all enemies within. Enemies that die within the flock extend its duration by 1 second and heal him for 25% of his missing health.