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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

  • This item has been removed on patch V4.20.

Feral Flare was a legendary item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Feral Flare item
Feral Flare
1800 Gold 1800 (0 Gold 0)
Wriggle's Lantern item
1800 Gold 1800 (215 Gold 215)
Dagger item
450 Gold 450
Dagger item
450 Gold 450

Wriggle's Lantern Wriggle's Lantern automatically transforms into Feral Flare upon gaining 30 Feral stacks. Champions kills, assists and large or epic monsters kills all grant Feral stacks. The counter begins upon purchasing Hunter's Machete Hunter's Machete, and becomes visible upon purchasing Madred's Razors Madred's Razors.

Cost Analysis

* 12 attack damage = 432 Gold 432

Gold efficiency

  • Feral Flare's Feral Flare's base stats were 74% gold efficient.
  • Feral Flare Feral Flare can be considered 100% gold efficient or higher with the following(s):
    • The Maim passive has at least a gold value of 468 Gold 468.
    • Acquiring at least 468 Gold 468 from the gold-generating passive.
    • The player places 7 or more Stealth Ward icon Stealth Wards from this item.


  • The upgrade from Wriggle's Lantern Wriggle's Lantern to Feral Flare Feral Flare removes the monster-only restriction on Maim in addition to the new stacking effect, and substantially increases the cast range on the active.
  • Unlike life steal, on-hit healing is not countered by armor and invulnerability. As such, Feral Flare is a strong sustain option when facing high-armor targets such as Rammus Rammus, Malphite Malphite and Baron Nashor Baron Nashor.
  • Maim's bonus damage does not take into account any kills, assists or large monsters slain prior to obtaining Feral Flare - i.e. the bonus damage will always begin at 75.[1]


  • The name "Feral Flare" is possibly derived from "FeralPony" (Riot game designer). The Feral stack buff's tooltip also alludes to this.
    • However note that "feral" is also a synonym to "wild", thus Feral Flare could simply be a reference to both the jungle and jungling.
  • During the Season 4 Preseason, this item's passive was originally going to be given to a remade Madred's Bloodrazor Madred's Bloodrazor.
    • For comparison, Feral Flare's magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health against champions with 625 (+25 per Feral Stack) health. For example: at 95 kills/assists/large monsters slain you will be doing 120 bonus magic damage to champions (4% of a target with 3000 health).

Patch History



  • Attack speed reduced to 30% from 35%.
  • Attack damage reduced to 12 from 15.
  • Tooltip now shows the versus-champion damage (increased versus minions and monsters) instead of versus-monsters damage (reduced versus champions).
  • Maim's base damage lowered to 25 from 33.
  • Healing is a fixed 10 instead of 12 (+ 1 per Feral stack).


V4.5: Added

  • +15 attack damage
  • +35% attack speed
  • Builds from Wriggle's Lantern Wriggle's Lantern upon killing 25 large monsters. Stats: 15 attack damage and 35% attack speed.
  • Retains the 30% bonus gold passive.
  • Unique Passive - Maim: Champion kills, assists and large monsters slain will grant Feral stacks. Basic attacks deal 100 (+3 per Feral stack) bonus magic damage and restore 10 (+1 per Feral stack) health. Enemy champions take 33% of the bonus magic damage.


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