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Farsight Orb was an advanced trinket item in League of Legends. It was exclusive to Summoner's Rift.


Farsight Orb item
Farsight Orb
Gold 250 (Gold 250)

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  • The ward placed cannot be targeted by allies, so it cannot be used as a Teleport Teleport target or for the purposes of 'ward jumping' such as with Lee Sin OriginalSquare Lee Sin's Safeguard Safeguard.
  • The ward only has 1 hitpoint.

Patch history

V5.22 Removed
  • New Effect: Now drops a 60 second visible Farsight ward with 1 hit point at the target location. This ward is untargetable by allies.
  • Cost reduced to Gold 250 from Gold 475.
  • Initial cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 120.
  • Cast range increased to 4000 from 3000.
  • Vision duration increased to 2 seconds from 1.
  • Initial cooldown increased to 120 seconds from 90.
  • Cooldown on sell reduced to 120 seconds from 180.
  • New Effect: Enemy champions hit will be revealed for 5 seconds. This does not affect stealth champions.
  • Cast range increased to 3000 from 2500.
V3.14 Added
  • Advanced Trinket.
  • Recipe: Greater Orb item Greater Orb + Gold 475
  • Unique Active: Reveals target area within 2500 units for 1 second (90 second cooldown).


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